Preventing rock fever

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I sit here in front of the computer, sipping a tall glass of iced coffee and enjoying life.  It is 6:45 am and I have been up since 2:30 am, after going to bed around 9 pm last night.  Hey, that is 5-1/2 hours of sleep, good enough for me!  Since it is a state holiday, Rylan will be staying home with his parents, who are public school teachers.  Lucky him, lucky me!

So, how are you?  Any travel plans this year?  David and I always look forward to getting off this rock in the Pacific, because we do experience rock fever if we don’t travel at all.

Over the weekend, we checked on the flights that UAL offers to Washington, DC and to Miami.  We were shocked to see that UAL offers only one flight from DC to Miami and it is at night!  I intend to call Panda Travel for assistance.  Maybe, they can determine which airlines we should take to maximize time spent in Miami.

We need to determine our flight schedule before we can reserve hotel rooms online.  I discovered that there is a big sale going on this month.  For instance, a room at the Capital Hilton normally costs $220 per night.  The online sale is $135 per night.  Unbelievable!

At any rate, it is the blog friends we meet that make a city special.  Without friends, a city is merely a bunch of buildings.

See you in DC, Dianne and Denise!  See you in Miami, Ana and Linda!  Can’t wait to meet you and your spouses in person!

11 Responses to “Preventing rock fever”

  1. Christine Says:

    Sounds like a great vacation in the making!

  2. Denise Says:

    We’re very happy at the thought of meeting you in person Gigi. Good luck on the flights to Miami.

  3. Denise Says:

    p.s. we’re off to Germany (Black Forest) in October. My niece is getting married.

  4. Ana Says:

    This is so sweet Gigi. How cool will that be 🙂

  5. Linda Reeder Says:

    We will be traveling to Pennsylvania in July/ August for a family wedding and Tom is laying out a route for digging into family history. We’ll cross Penn and go into Ohio. Once we plan the target stops, we’ll add in other historic, cultural, and geographic attractions along the way, and then figure out how many days we need. We will fly out and rent a car for our travels.

  6. Musings Says:

    Have fun, Gigi! We’ve got a few travel plans set up ourselves too. It’s been great visiting LA this past week, but nice to be back too.

  7. L from W Says:

    We’ve left the rock quite often in the last 8 years. Our trips have gotten longer each year. I find it fun to live out of a suitcase and live as the locals do. If we lived on the continent we would probably travel in an RV.

  8. DrumMajor Says:

    I’m confused. So if Hawaiians get rock fever, can’t you just go out to the beach and look at the scenery there?
    If you came to Kansas for awhile, we get “landlocked” fever, because we can’t see the ocean and the unobstructed view of the sun dropping off the edge of the earth.
    If we zoom around the spanse in Kansas, you eventually get behind a cattle semi-truck —peeuuuw.

  9. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Although the EX loved Hawaii, the major reason I left to move back to Virginia when he was shipped to Japan was because of rock fever. I just couldn’t take the confinement. And, my Mom was alive and living on the East Coast back then. So, I understand your feeling.

    As for the Capital Hilton, its about 10 minutes from our house via taxi or a little longer if you travel by Metro during rush hour. Mage and George rode the taxi and took the tour bus trolley s did my cousin Susie who stayed with me.

    My sons and my other cousins, and their families, usually stay in Alexandria or here in Arlingon, a hop, skip and jump away. Dianne

  10. LInda Starr Says:

    Curious what made you choose Miami? it is a ways from us about six hours south, but we are working on a small travel trailer so may be able to make it down there, I sure hope so, want to see Hemmingway’s home, I think it’s down there. Gary doesn’t like big cities so I’ll have to handcuff him, Ha.

  11. LC Says:

    Anticipating a planned trip is a pleasure of travel, too. All the best as you sort out logistics.

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