Favorite ways to prepare fish


Alan Wong’s Restaurant in Honolulu served me a wonderful Ginger Crusted Onaga, with miso sesame vinaigrette and organically grown Hamakua mushrooms and corn. The fish was cooked medium so it was very moist and tender.  To die for!!!  Yum!


In Tokyo, we enjoyed cooked and uncooked fish with sushi.  We avoid raw fish now, though, because of the polluted water and parasites.

At home, these are two ways I prepare boneless, skinless salmon fillets:


With mayonnaise and panko crumbs.  This is very tasty.  The mayonnaise makes it very moist.  In fact, I like to smear mayonnaise on chicken breasts, too!  The panko crumbs provide a nice crunchy crust.  (Season the fish/chicken before applying the mayo!)

teriyaki salmon-4-A

With teriyaki marinade and chopped green onions.  This is less fattening, but full of flavor (if you like sweetened soy sauce).

Do you have a favorite way to prepare fish?

P.S. Check out blogger Linda Starr’s post for today.  She writes about how to cook Amberjack fish:


14 Responses to “Favorite ways to prepare fish”

  1. Christine Says:

    your food looks delicious Gigi! I like baking my salmon fillets with just some dried tarragon and lemon pepper that I get from Costco. 350F for 20 minutes on a baking tray lined with parchment paper!

  2. Musings Says:

    Oh you lucky duck! You’ve eaten at Alan Wong’s! We’ve never eaten there. I know it’s rather pricey but terrific from everything we’ve heard. I was just thinking of cooking some fish so this is very interesting.

  3. L from W Says:

    We love to order grilled saba whenever we see it on the menu but I don’t like to cook fish. Occasionally we buy Chinese fishcake to mix in wonton wrap.

  4. Linda Reeder Says:

    I cook salmon simply, in the microwave, with a little butter, lemon juice and thyme. The trick is to not overcook it.

  5. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I will certainly take a few tips from you. I have the Panko flakes and terriaki in my pantry, so I am good to go with two of these recipes. I wish I liked salmon, but unless its smoked, I haven’t been able to eat it. Smoked, I like it on toast with lite cream cheese….yum!!

  6. LInda Starr Says:

    oh both of those look and sound delicious, I am really liking the poached fish because just water and vinegar and vegetables makes a great gravy to put over the rice. I have found I can get some gluten free bread crumbs so will try that with some fish one of these days. I use mayonnaise with the frangelico hazelnut salmon and it was so delicious, a little mayonnaise every once in a while can’t hurt. Ha. Thanks for the link Gigi. We can get sushi grade tuna at our fish market and have had it once or twice but normally we cook our fish too because you never know, I think all the fish markets have signs saying those with compromised immune systems shouldn’t eat raw fish, better safe than sorry I think. I think you can sometimes find smoked salmon in small packages at the grocery stores, not as good as the thin sliced ones they normally serve as lox and bagels. I have my smoker but I like the salmon so well fresh I hate to smoke it. I usually make teriyaki (low sodium soy) salmon because Gary likes it so much

  7. LC Says:

    Your fish dishes sound and look so tasty and simple to prepare. And thanks for the link to more fish recipes. Poached was new to me. Happy dining!

  8. DrumMajor Says:

    Gigi —

    I love mahi mahi, baked in teriyaki sauce. My Kansas Sam’s sometimes has it frozen without the skin. So many other stores carry it with skin on. Nothing like fresh in Hawaii.
    I really liked the ahi poke varieties I could get at the local grocer on the south side of Kauai. (Raw, cold ahi yellow-fin or blue-fin tuna) with different seasoning/sauces.
    I’ve found thin-sliced frozen seared ahi here, so I’m in heaven with that, too.

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