Looking forward to Sunday

mums, hawaii scenes 005-A


mums, hawaii scenes 006-A

Enough talk about toilet training!  Lol. Let’s move on.

After weeks of unstable, gloomy, and rainy weather, I am so glad to see bright, blue, clear skies this morning.  Yay!  The weather does affect my mood.  I am uplifted by sunshine and depressed by grey clouds.  Today promises to be a cheery new day.  Halleluia!

David and I are looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday and after a brief debate, we have decided to order a large pan pizza supreme from Pizza Hut for our special meal on that momentous occasion.

He predicts that the Baltimore Ravens will win, because they have a better defense.  Me?  I am inclined to go with the Ravens, also.  Why?  Because their quarterback, Joe Flacco, is much handsomer than the San Francisco quarterback.  Ha!  You know me, I judge a team by its quarterback’s physique and face.  Flacco’s is to die for.

Another interesting aspect of this big game is the fact that both teams are being coached by brothers. Which brother will win?  Watch to find out!

17 Responses to “Looking forward to Sunday”

  1. DrumMajor Says:

    Don’t forget the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. It’s supposed to be on around 2 p.m. Central Time. Lots of puppies, playing football, funny comments from the Ref, and a Kitty Halftime, with hedgehog cheerleaders this year. (More fun than human football for me!)

  2. Christine Says:

    lol, I love the way you choose! I think I’m the same!

  3. laurie Says:

    beautiful photos! Such a treat for my snow weary eyes, that pizza sounds great, enjoy the game,!

  4. Arti Says:

    Those are stunning captures of Hawaii! So very beautiful. And yes, the weather does affect ones moods. The sun definitely lifts my mood up too.
    Have a happy weekend Gigi 🙂

  5. Linda Reeder Says:

    We’ll have pizza too at our family Super Bowl party. I’m not sure if anyone will watch it too closely, accept for the commercials. With Seahawks fans and Broncos fans here, we don’t really give a d—- who wins. It’s a good reason to eat pizza though.

  6. Musings Says:

    I’m afraid I only watch the game for the commercials and the half time segment. We’re considering pizza too. We’ll see.

  7. Suzanne Says:

    The weather is getting back to normal. That pizza sounds delicious. I do enjoy pizza.

  8. LC Says:

    We will be having pizza, too, but Hubby will be making it, at least that is the plan right now. We really don’t have a dog in this hunt, but we do love visiting the city of San Francisco. So we will probably be rooting for SF if it is a close game. If it is not an exciting game, I will likely get on my laptop and try to pay enough attention to catch the commercials..

  9. L fr Says:

    I guess it’s frozen pizza for us…we’re not sports fans so fresh piazza is not necessary lol

  10. Jeanie Says:

    We’ve kind of lost interest in who wins the Super bowl since the Broncos didn’t make it, but I’m sure we will watch…..no pre-planned menu though. 🙂

  11. Cathy Says:

    I choose my horses at the race course that way – nothing wrong in it – just thinking outside the box. Some of the owner’s colours are quite nice and the names they give the horses are great as well lol

  12. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    We will pull for the Ravens because 1/ they are the home team; 2/ One of the players is the kid whose life was featured in the Sandra Bullock film, The Blind Side. D~

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