To be happy and healthy

Scenic Hawaii 003-A

This is a view of urban Honolulu on the island of Oahu, where I live.  That’s Diamond Head in the distance.  It’s an extinct volcano, which means it will never erupt again.

Have you heard about that disabled cruise ship, which was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for five days and had to be towed to shore?  Unbelievable!  Passengers complained about overflowing toilets, food shortages and foul odors.  I guess I won’t be sailing anytime soon.  Lol.  Besides, I like to use the Internet every day, which is not possible when the ship is out to sea.  I truly prefer to travel by air and stay in a hotel on land.

I received mail yesterday regarding my high school’s 50th class reunion next year. I plan to attend one of the scheduled events and am wondering how many of us graduates are still happy and healthy after all these years.

Are YOU happy and healthy?  Hope so!

Meanwhile, today is laundry day in the Gigi-Hawaii household.  How mundane!

21 Responses to “To be happy and healthy”

  1. Beatrice Says:

    Oooh well, laundry….the best of all household items! The washing machine is doing it 😉
    I only wish weather would turn into Spring finally so that I can have the laundry drying out in the breeze. Has been more the opposite here today: cold and wet and gray and dizzy and icy….ugh!
    There is internet on cruise ships, by the way!
    Think it was awful that all those people were for so long on that disabled cruise ship. It was in the news here, too.
    Great weekend

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I have not dried any laundry out on a line in over 32 years! I use the electric dryer only, because I hate it when the birds do their business on my clean clothes. Lol.

  2. Jefferson Says:

    It is 100% possible to use the internet while at sea.

  3. Christine Says:

    I did hear about that cruise ship now I’m totally turned off cruises as I didn’t like cruising before that! Great that you will be going to your reunion.

  4. Christine Says:

    I’m trying your salmon with mayo and breadcrumbs today, I didn’t have panko but I used breadcrumbs.

  5. R.J. Says:

    I love cruises and will continue to cruise. About 19.2 million passengers traveled on cruise ships worldwide in 2011. Most of them had good experiences.

    I am happy not to have been on the Carnival ship, but I like Royal Caribbean. I am happy not to have been on the “Miracle on the Hudson”, but I still get on airplanes. I get in my car every day even though some people I knew have died in car accidents.

    Statistically speaking, I feel very safe on cruises. The people on the Triumph are still alive and no one was shot for whatever reason. Two people were shot near where I live this week in a courthouse. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Perhaps we can all sympathize with the millions of people who daily live in worse conditions around the globe.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I have to agree that there’s bound to be unpleasant experiences no matter where you are. It’s too bad it had to happen to 4,000 passengers on that ship. As for me, I do tend to get seasick, so it is probably better that I find another mode of transportation. I want maximum enjoyment when I go on vacation.

  6. DrumMajor Says:

    Glad you’re planning to go to the reunion. Take pics!

    If you’re really bored, you can change your laundry from mundane to adventurous by taking it to the beach and snorkel while it’s on the pre-soak cycle!


  7. L...w Says:

    I was skeptical of cruises before, now I’m definitely not going on one ever.

  8. Grannymar Says:

    Those problems seem to happen on the enormous cruise ships. I prefer the smaller more intimate variety. I love the way you unpack only once and then the countries come to me.

  9. sarsm Says:

    There have been a few cruise ship disasters of late. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

    The reunion sounds great.

  10. Tilly Bud - The Laughing Housewife Says:

    Train is my preferred method of transport.

  11. Jeanie Says:

    I feel like I am happy and healthy……I am planning to attend a junior high school reunion in a few weeks. It will be interesting since I have never been to a school reunion before.

  12. LC Says:

    I am thankful for laundry. It is one of the few tasks I can now do without any assistance from start to finish since a stroke nearly 2 years ago.

    I would still go on a cruise. The last one I went on anout 6 yrs ago Internet was available at a huge (to me) additional fee per minute.

  13. Suzanne Says:

    Have fun at the reunion. I have not been to one of mine yet, but definitely going to the next one. Starting to wonder how everyone made out in life.

  14. kavita Says:

    Hope all is well at Gigi’s household. On my last trip I realized that vacations are more fun without internet. I have never been to a cruise so would love to experience one.Reunions are exciting and fun events to look forward to.

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