Life in flux

mums 002-A

mums 003-A

David bought this pot of mums yesterday.  He said the expensive tulips were all gone.  I guess people snapped them up for Valentine’s Day.  Mums are more affordable, anyway, and I really like the yellow, purple, and white colors of these flowers.  My husband enjoys beautifying our home, which makes me happy, as well.

David and I have made two major decisions:

(1)    We won’t renew our pay per view subscription to University of Hawaii football games, and we will watch the major games on ESPN instead.  Savings:  At least $450.  It seems our interest in UH football has waned, and we simply are not excited enough to spend this amount of money anymore.

(2)    We won’t renew our subscription to Hawaii Opera Theater for next season.  Savings:  At least $240.  We have decided to pick and choose whatever interests us, instead.  It could be one or two operas, or it could be zero operas.

We prefer to spend our money on travel and on restaurants.  But, every dollar not spent goes straight into savings!

10 Responses to “Life in flux”

  1. denise Says:

    Good choice and the mums are lovely!

  2. DJan Says:

    You have a wonderful husband who buys you flowers often. You are indeed blessed, Gigi! 🙂

  3. Jeanie Says:

    You are wise to think about spending your money on just the things that are of the most interest to you and bring you the most pleasure.

  4. Christine Says:

    Good to make changes to see what works best for you. Great to save money too!

  5. Grannymar Says:

    These days we all need to review our spending at least once a year. The same should happen for our interests as they change over the years.

  6. Suzanne Says:

    It is hard to save money but I keep thinking how if I do, I can retire earlier.

  7. L...w Says:

    Yay!! I do tradeoffs all the time. That’s how I think lol


  8. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    David brought home two bunches of tulips for me, red and purple. He knows they are my favorite cut flower. They have no good scent, but neither do Mums. Dianne

  9. Beatrice Says:

    Well done ☀


  10. Kay's Musings Says:

    Hmmmm… Sounds like you’ll now have a lot more money for travel and restaurants.

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