Who is NOT related to me?

Scenic Hawaii 008-A

Hawaiian scene on the island of Oahu.

Me:  “Maybe I should leave today’s post blank, because I have nothing new to say.  What do you think?”

David:  “Write something.  I want something to read.”

Me:  “Okay.  Any suggestions?”

David:  “Write about your undying love for your husband.”

Me:  “Ha!  Everyone knows that already.  So, what else is new?”

David:  “Well, write about your many relatives.  There’s always a story to tell.”


And, that is so true, folks.  I have oodles of relatives, mainly because Mom was the eldest of 10 children; her aunts (in Hawaii) had 10 and 5 children each; and these children had children and grandchildren of their own.  Hawaii is crawling with my relatives!

Dad’s family was much smaller. He had two siblings, who either died or returned to Korea at a relatively young age.  I never got to know his parents, as his mother died before Dad married Mom, and his father was confined to a hospital due to tuberculosis.  I know Dad’s niece, Ethel Maxson, very well.  She is a famous opera singer, who performed in many productions in Hawaii before her retirement.

My mother gave birth to 7 children.  I am the third child and now the eldest of 4 living children.

Dad passed away at age 87 in 1997.

Mom will celebrate her 97th birthday next month.

8 Responses to “Who is NOT related to me?”

  1. Christine Says:

    wow Gigi, that is a large family, nice to learn about your family history!

  2. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    This sounds like my family, both Mom and Dad had five siblings, most of them dead now. Dad’s five sisters each had 5-8 children. Mother’s sisters had 4 and 5 kids. Her brothers had fewer children. All of us now have grandchildren Had Mom lived, she would have been 97 this year.

    I have 32 cousins scattered all over the US. Two of have died. One of my cousins lives in Austria with his family, and another on the Big Island with his wife and two adoped kids born in Japan (boy) and India (girl).

    I also have second cousins from my Mother’s huge extended family still in the Netherlands. I wrote about one of them (Ankie) a year or so ago.


  3. Henry Hank Chapin Says:

    I come from a relatively (ha!) large family. I don’t see much of them on a daily basis, since Hawaii is rather isolated, but over the years I do attend all major events.

    But my son-in-law is an interesting case to me. His parents immigrated from Italy to America. He grew up thinking he had a very small family. But he found out his father had a ton of brothers and sisters who had all immigrated to Canada because, for one reason or another, America was no longer available to them. When he married my daughter, had two daughters, and got interested in family, he found out he actually had a rather large family which he has now connected with. There is even one man with the same name.

  4. DrumMajor Says:

    Gigi — I AM related to you, but all of those other relatives never told you! We both have short statures, and we both have dark hair. (Uh, oh yeah, my hair is colored….)
    So, if I’m cruising Honolulu, just about everyone should know Gigi!

  5. Denise Says:

    How lovely to be part of such a big family.

  6. L...w Says:

    I once worked where a coworker I knew just by name was a cousin of my cousin and we didn’t know until my uncle’s funeral. Small world.


  7. Linda Reeder Says:

    I come from a big family, but not as big as yours! Are most of them still living in the Islands?

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