It didn’t happen over night

chairs new fabric 002-A

My reupholstered dining chairs.

I am enjoying life in my home.  How lucky I am to live here!  When David and I bought this property, my aunt was so unimpressed that she said, “I wouldn’t spend another dime on this place!”  Then a couple of years later, she looked at our new interior design and remarked, “I am simply amazed at what you have done.  I didn’t think you could pull it off.”

Yeah, it helps to have money to pull it off.  But, it didn’t happen over night.  It’s taken the past 22 years to decorate our house.  Just last year alone, we reupholstered 12 dining chairs, and added a lovely silk rug from India as well as a uniquely shaped glass coffee table to the living room.  What will we add this year?  It remains to be seen.

Thank goodness, David is now so well trained that it actually bothers him to see the coffee table bare.  Without being told, he automatically goes to the store to purchase a pot of flowers and lovingly places it on the table, turning the pot around until he is satisfied.  Yes, he is well trained – by me, his wife! So, ladies, there’s hope for your hubby, too!

10 Responses to “It didn’t happen over night”

  1. DJan Says:

    Those are beautiful chairs, Gigi. I think you are indeed fortunate in your husband. David is a gem! 🙂

  2. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I think you are inspiring me. I just ordered a new chair. Dianne

  3. Jeanie Says:

    It sounds like David also loves living in your home.

  4. Beatrice Says:

    This was a nice post about your home and David.
    You are fortunate! It is good to take time to decorate a household and add some changes every now and then.
    We still wait for Spring! We need it NOW!
    Spring was here for 2,5 days and then came a blizzard.
    The sun is already mighty, but cannot get thru all that snow.
    But it shines nicely from a blue sky today!
    Have all windows open, although it is freezing outside 🙂
    Good weekend to you
    Beatrice from Germany

  5. L...w Says:

    So true…nothing happens overnight really…good or bad.

  6. palolo Says:

    Teach me how to train my wife. She is the boss.

  7. Christine Says:

    your new chairs look beautiful!

  8. Linda Reeder Says:

    We have been in our home now for 35 years. last year we did some major improvements, but there are always little things to be done. After watching a lot of HGTV, we decided we should fix our house up “to sell”, but live in it ourselves. Why wait until you are moving out. Enjoy it now!
    I pick and arrange, or buy and arrange the flowers on my coffee table and kitchen table, but my husband admires my handiwork. We are a good team too.
    Like you, Gigi, my home is important to me.

  9. Joared Says:

    Your chairs are lovely. I recall reading when you were going to have them reupholstered. I wish I could get motivated to completely redo my home’s interior. The painters had just finished our house exterior. My husband went to bed that night and never got up again. Our next project was to begin inside the house. Somehow ever since I have seemed to do everything but what I need to do here and I don’t know why I don’t make myself re-focus.

    FWIW I stopped visiting here about the time you went to India because I was having difficulty posting on WP blogs. I finally got fed up and quit commenting on WP blogs. Earlier tonight I visited one, was able to more easily make a posting info change than before and voila! — my comment was posted. So, I tried Schmidley and now will try your blog.

  10. Kay's Musings Says:

    Your home looks great, Gigi! You’ve both done an excellent job. We’re still working on finishing our renovation.

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