Vinyl plank flooring

Well, we went to American Carpet One, located on Sand Island Access Road in Honolulu, and took advantage of their sale, which continues through March.

vinyl plank flooring 001-A

We decided to buy this Invincible Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring for our living room, family room and hall.  Doesn’t it look like real wood?  Each plank is 7” x 49”.

vinyl plank flooring 003-A

David displays the back of the plank.  Notice there is no adhesive.  The planks float on the floor and are interlocked together.

We like this brand, because there is very minimal floor prep and no glue involved.  It is 100% vinyl and is 100% water resistant.  There is no curling when damp.

The new flooring will be installed over four days during mid-April.  I’ll be sure to post photos of the finished product.  I am so pleased with this purchase.  Rejoice with us!

9 Responses to “Vinyl plank flooring”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Yeah! I have a problem with my floor coming up now. This looks like a great choice.

  2. Musings Says:

    This is very similar to what we have and we really like our floors.

  3. Christine Says:

    wow that didn’t take you long to choose, Gigi, it looks very attractive and maintenance free.

  4. Karen Says:

    Would the change in flooring then address your concerns about your grandson during potty training?

  5. DrumMajor Says:

    I’m confused. I thought you had carpet. Looks grand. Might be able to dance the night away if the floor floats!

  6. L...w Says:

    We have similar flooring in our bathroom. It was super easy to install, no floor prep. Just a clean (just my preference) and level floor should do it.

  7. Linda Reeder Says:

    Wonderful! we are loving out new floors, and not missing the carpet downstairs.

  8. Beatrice Says:

    We have the same flooring downstairs in the hall and kitchen. It is not as dark as it seems and very nice and sturdy.

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