Measuring with a laser, not a tape

hawaii seascapes 010-A

Hawaiian sunset.

The American Carpet One people came and measured the floor in my family room, living room, and hall.  They used a laser instead of a tape measure, and the number of square feet went right into their laptop computer.  What an amazing device!  Have you ever seen such a thing?

My chief concern right now is that the brown vinyl planks will make my rooms look smaller, because the planks are darker than my present light blue carpet.  I wondered if bamboo colored slats would look better.  When I asked Yama about it, he said that we would have to use Pergo flooring for that.  Since Pergo needs to be glued down, the asbestos tiles under the carpet would have to be removed professionally, which would add to the cost.  Hence, I have decided to go with the vinyl planks, instead, as they float over the floor and don’t need to be glued down.  The dark floor won’t look that bad, because the walls have been painted white.

Yama also told me that they sell something called Carpet Hold.  This is a pad that can anchor my silk area rug to the floor so that there is no slippage.  Carpet Hold will not discolor or damage the vinyl planks in any way.  Super!

We are looking forward to the new flooring, which will be installed over a 4-day period in mid-April.

13 Responses to “Measuring with a laser, not a tape”

  1. Denise Says:

    That’s a fabulous photo of a sunset Gigi. I always enjoy the photos you share, even though I sometimes forget to say. I didn’t know there was such a thing as laying down flooring without having to glue it down. I like that concept, no nasty smelling glue. I hope you’ll be happy with the coloring. It’s always a bit worrying to see if we’ve chosen just the right shade. When staining some of the wooden fixtures in our family room, I had the same feeling. Thank you for stopping by and wishing Gregg a happy birthday. He always enjoys reading everyone’s comments on my blog, and especially when people were nice enough to wish him a happy birthday. He wanted me to thank you for your kindness. Have a great day!

  2. Christine Says:

    I love to hear how technology has improved our lives, in every area it seems. Your new floors will look fabulous you have given it a lot of careful thought.

  3. Christine Says:

    Fabulous sunset too!

  4. DJan Says:

    I think you have made a good choice, but only time will tell if it’s the right one. It seems so much more practical to have this new kind of flooring. (At least it’s new to me.)

  5. Suzanne Says:

    It sounds like it is coming together nicely. I have never seen such a measuring device but hopefully I will soon. I need to do some remodeling on our own floor.

  6. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Clever ideas. We gotta do something with our ruined floors, but I must be careful as fumes from glue and some chemicals are bad for me an the parrots. Dianne

  7. L...w Says:

    I’m surprised that the asbestos tiles under the old carpets would have to be removed if choosing to glue down but don’t have to be removed if the float method is used. Even in a float installation a good solid lLEVEL floor is recommended. As the carpet tack downs are removed there will be lots of loose cracked tiles. Are they going to just leave them in place?.

    The law requires professional asbestos removal and I know every licensed floor contractor will refuse to handle asbestos.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      American Carpet One will level the floor where needed. For example, they will do something with the dip in the floor where cement was poured to extend the living room. The tiles in the living room are not asbestos. The ones in the family room are. So, I imagine they will do the same thing with cracked tiles. They seem to know what they are getting into. I wouldn’t worry.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I spoke to them about the cracked tiles. They said there will be holes where the tacks are removed, which they will fill up with a special compound.

      • L...w Says:

        It could be that simple since they probably have the right tool and experience to do the job with minimal collateral damage. Sometimes tiles are loose and crack when handled. Some floor contractors don’t mind glueing asbestos tiles back down but will almost always never remove them. If the floor is not level, the planks will show uneven spaces (since the planks adhere to each other to form the float).
        We thought our bathroom floor was absolutely level (original concrete pour my dad did and he is a perfectionist), but the slight gradual dip caused some wide gaps between planks. All in all we love our floor. We installed the bamboo pattern ALLURE plank from Home Depot. I’m sure the quality of yours will be better since you are buying from a floor dealer directly.

      • gigihawaii Says:

        I hope you are right!

      • L...w Says:

        After writing about the gaps between our bamboo pattern planks, I realized a very good reason why the floor dealer may not offer that pattern in a float type installation lol…so going with your pattern makes sense. It won’t show the gaps as easily. This way, installation cost can be kept reasonable.
        Sometimes if the floor is terribly flawed, floating the entire floor with that special compound is necessary. So pattern and color of the floor tile/plank can work in your favor to lessen the amount of floor prepping.
        But I still cannot comprehend the difference between the glue down and float method with respect to the asbestos issue. Ideally, both benefit from the same underlying good floor condition, except maybe in degrees. Glue down shows more imperfections and therefore require more tedious leveling, also with light colors/ small patterns.
        So after all said lol, maybe Yama was right to say glue down would need the asbestos professionals.

  8. Grannymar Says:

    I love the sunset.

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