Gardening, art, and lunch with a friend

begonias-2012 001-A

Beautiful begonias on my patio table.  The flowers were purchased from Home Depot.

I wish I were like so many of you readers who enjoy gardening.  I simply abhor bending down to weed, hoe, or plant.  David isn’t talented in that regard, either.  Hence, you can imagine how glad we are that our landscapers come once a month to do the yard surrounding our house.  Oh, they do a splendid job!  And since he no longer has to mow the lawn, David now vacuums our house, which means less housework for me.

I received my blog friend Christine’s paintings and am now looking for suitable frames and mats for them.  I don’t know whether I will buy colored mats or plain white ones.  Her paintings are very pretty.  Click on her name on my Blogroll to see more of her work.  I’ll post photos of them once they are hung on my wall.

I had lunch with a friend last Sunday and was sad to learn that she has problems at work.  If she is not promoted to the higher position she applied for, she intends to contact her union, because she has the most experience and is the most qualified for that job.  Listening to her talk, I never felt more glad that I am retired and don’t have to deal with office politics!  Who needs that kind of stress!!!

And so it goes…

10 Responses to “Gardening, art, and lunch with a friend”

  1. DJan Says:

    I never thought I’d enjoy digging around in the garden either, Gigi. But it’s sure nice to eat the veggies! I’m also glad to be retired. 🙂

  2. Jeanie Says:

    I am not a lover of gardening either and really appreciate that we have people that do the really hard stuff because our yard has a lot of landscaping.

  3. Beatrice Says:

    No flowers here yet!!!
    Still full winter; all is gray and white and gloomy –
    seems for ages now!

  4. Christine Says:

    Gigi, I’m really enjoying your first memoir and thinking that your blog today is really just an extension of your memoirs, it’s the same Gigi there!

    So glad you like the art can’t wait to see it framed. I like the part about having landscapers, but I will putter in the garden out of necessity. Of course we love our flowers don’t we?

  5. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Your begonias are to die for. I will have to check out our local nursey. I love begonias.

    As for yards, we have a crew clean our yard once or twice a year. David and I do the rest. Or did, we are wearing out, I fear.

  6. L...w Says:

    I’m one who can neglect my surroundings quite easily and forget to appreciate the world around me lol so I vicariously appreciate what you make mention in your blogs.

  7. Suzanne Says:

    I so love the idea of eating my own fresh vegetables. I tried to grow spinach last year. I have never seen such a sad looking thing in my life.

  8. Linda Reeder Says:

    As you know, I am a gardener. It is in my blood. Growing up poor on a small farm, we gardened to have food to eat, but my mother always planted flower seeds too, and I loved those rows of sweet peas, asters, zinnias and marigolds. Even though sometimes I dread the hard work, I always feel better after working hard in the yard. it is just something I NEED to do.

  9. Musings Says:

    I like to plant things, but I have a hard time keeping them healthy. It’s a good thing I have mom to do that.

  10. Grannymar Says:

    I have no garden, it is buried under the snow.

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