One glance at my potbelly…

elephant ride-A

David and me in Jaipur, India.

Let’s take a break from David’s ordeal at the office and discuss…


During my 15 day trip to India in November, I managed to lose 15 lbs.  How?  By walking, climbing stairs, and not snacking between meals.

That was November.  Now, it’s almost the end of March and, horrors, my weight has crept up and up and up.

I must do something about this.  Since I hate to exercise, I intend to limit my calories.  I am now supremely conscious of what I put into my mouth.  No more mindless eating.

This is more difficult than it seems.  Aunty Bobbie has invited David and me to a buffet lunch at her place on Easter Sunday.  Hmmm.  How will I say “no” to all that lavish food, especially since it will be a buffet?

One glance at my potbelly will do it.  When my 3 year old grandson said, “Grandma, you have a big stomach,” and stuck out his abdomen to demonstrate how large mine was, well, I got the message.


8 Responses to “One glance at my potbelly…”

  1. LInda Starr Says:

    How about doing some walking at your location that is so much not like exercising and it’s amazing what you can see just walking along.

  2. Christine Says:

    It sounds like a change of routine with daily exercise would work, thinking of India. I walk a lot with a girlfriend and sometimes we’ll stop off for coffee.

  3. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Two things that have worked for me: join Weight Watchers, you can do it online. Also eat breakfast. I have lost 23 pounds so far, almost halfway to my goal.

    You will take it off the same way you put it on. You were sick in November and the weight you lost was interpreted by your body as “bad.” Feeling guilty about your gain won’t help anything. Good Luck!!


  4. Jeanie Says:

    Weight Watchers on line sounds like a good idea, but I think they will encourage some exercise. Good luck with your efforts.

  5. L...w Says:

    Snacking is the culprit I’m sure. I’m trying to think of the perfect snack. Years ago I used to keep carrot and celery sticks handy. It was a routine to cut them up and store in a container in the fridge. I may go back to this habit. With all the tempting snacks at Costco it will be a challenge. I still need to lose at least 40 lbs.

  6. LC Says:

    Bravo for trying! Family reunion buffets do me in. Thank goodness it is just one and only once a year. I load up a plate with a taste of everything. If I run out of room on the plate, I start another layer. And that is not even the desserts!

    This is a caution about how NOT to handle your upcoming buffet!
    Wishing you every success.

    Oh, I, too, thought that alligator was a concrete slab, and that was seeing it in person1

  7. Suzanne Says:

    I see it was mentioned already. I know 3 people who had great success with weight watchers. I know 2 of them added walking to their too though.

  8. Denise Says:

    Out of the mouths of babes! They have this innocent habit of making us stop short and take notice when it comes to things they notice about us on a personal level. Good for you! I am in the same boat. I need to lose weight before I go to my niece’s wedding in October but I am having a hard time getting started. Buffets are difficult obstacles and I wish you the best of luck.

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