Trust and mutual respect

scenic hawaii 008-A

Hawaiian sunset.

We had beautiful weather yesterday.  It was sunny, but breezy.  Too bad I can’t snorkel this weekend, as my right toe is still unhealed.  It’s been infected since last August, and so far, I have had three surgeries on it.  I’ll see my podiatrist again on Monday.

Instead of going to the beach, we plan to watch “Lincoln” on Netflix today.  So many people have praised it that we want to see it for ourselves.  Hope I can sit through it, as I tend to be impatient with laborious, boring films.

The really good news is that David’s profit sharing plan at work has improved by more than 12% from last year.  It’s another reason to remain employed there, though if David leaves the company, he intends to roll it over to an IRA.

Why can’t we all get along?  There’s still some friction at work, but hopefully, it will subside eventually.  Trust and mutual respect – that’s the key, isn’t it?  Without it, none of us can go on living the kind of life we want to live.

Cheers, everybody!

8 Responses to “Trust and mutual respect”

  1. Christine Says:

    worrying about your toe Gigi. Those sunsets are incredible.

  2. DJan Says:

    I hope you enjoy Lincoln as much as I did. I found it to be anything but boring. And not only Daniel Day Lewis did a great job, many others did too. 🙂

  3. Says:

    Aloha and mahalo for stopping by, Gigi. I hope your toe gets better!! We lived in Hawaii for five years so enjoyed scrolling thru your posts. Happy your hub resolved the work-issue situation.

    Happy Easter to all!

  4. L...w Says:

    Yes financial reasons are why most of us choose to suck it up and endure. So easy to just walk away. Sorry if I have over reacted to your post the other day. But his boss is a difficult person to work for. Hope David can endure just a few more years.

  5. Karen Says:

    I have been thinking for days about your recent posts (and previous posts) about David and his boss, wondering if I should reply. Is it possible for David (or you) to call Unemployment and/or the Labor Dept to see if he quit if he could collect unemployment and/or file a claim against employer for unfair and abusive practices (the demotion, the yelling/screaming, etc.). While I understand he might not make as much with unemployment as his salary, at what cost is his continued employment under these conditions?
    I left a job with an abusive boss after developing stomach problems-all stress related. The cost of continued employment on my health, I decided, was too great. I wonder if the same could be said about David’s situation, even though I understand ALL of the reasons you have given about why he stays. It might end up that you and he could take short walks together-or something else-to address your discussed weight issues, in addition to removing him from an obviously toxic situation.

  6. Musings Says:

    Karen’s idea sounds worth a try. It makes my stomach hurt to hear what David is going through. I don’t know how I’d bear it if it was Art.

  7. gigihawaii Says:

    Mahalo for the above comments. Ultimately, it is David’s decision as to whether he stays or leaves his company. I can’t tell him what to do. It may very well be that he will file for worker’s compensation because of the verbal abuse. Meanwhile, he has been discussing his situation with a psychiatrist. David said that he would like to work until age 70 to earn a higher SS benefit, or at least to age 65 when he will qualify for Medicare. He is 64 right now.

  8. kavita Says:

    Everything will be fine, prayers and good wishes.

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