It’s like group therapy

scenic hawaii 001-A

Hawaiian Nene Geese.

We had a good time at Aunty Bobbie’s luncheon yesterday.  There were seven of us total, sitting around a table.  We all made several trips to the buffet, and I suppose none of us worried about gaining weight at the time.  Today, maybe?

There was an article in the Sunday paper that caught our eye.  It discussed how people, who have little social contact, tend to get sick and die sooner than those who are not lonely.  If you feel socially isolated, you had better do something about it.  Join a club!

David mentioned that the chats he has with people in the hot tub at the gym are like participating in group therapy.  He says the chats are so therapeutic that he feels he is able to cope with work related stress better.  Some gym members told him that Humana (the Medicare supplement) pays for their gym dues every month.  For this reason, David plans to sign up for Humana when he is retired and on Social Security.

I hope April is a better month than March was.  No more yelling and screaming at work, okay, boss?

12 Responses to “It’s like group therapy”

  1. Christine Says:

    I also heard that lack of social contact hastens memory loss. Who knows?

  2. Suzanne Says:

    I saw something about that once. I think there are 5 spots in the world where people live to be 100 regularly. A group studied them and social contact was a common theme.

  3. gigihawaii Says:

    Does this apply to all types of social contact, negative as well? Or only positive, happy social contact?

  4. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Those articles leave me cold. As an introvert of the highest order, I prefer my own company and I just quit the gym. If i want exercise, I can go to our local county facility. Marriage to extrovert David is all the “social” contact I need. That and my web friends, and neighbors I meet walking the dogs. And my kids and grandkids, of course. Dianne

  5. L...w Says:

    My husband and two children are extroverted and very sociable. Chit chat is not me. I once saw a therapist who told me I am not a social butterfly so just accept it. Life is not fair lol

    • L...w Says:

      Commenting here is the most sociable I’ll be. Even what I say here gives me OCD nightless sleep.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I don’t think you are socially isolated, either, because you do interact with your husband on a daily basis. I think the article was referring to people who are alone most of the time and don’t have any intimate relationships whatsoever.

      • L...w Says:

        I missed reading that article but it is true that married people live healthier and longer lives than singles. Even living with someone under the same roof (although minimum social contact) probably helps. I’m hoping my dad is better for it because we really don’t talk much.

  6. Denise Says:

    I loved your nene picture Gigi. I enjoy being with people but I enjoy my own company too. I guess I am a borderline introvert if there is such a thing.

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