Breathe freely, live freely

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Hawaiian waterfalls.

It’s too bad that there has been so much negative publicity about the gang rapes in India lately.  The last straw was the gang rape of a Swiss tourist while her husband watched helplessly.  A survey in India shows that these crimes against women have resulted in lower numbers of tourists arriving in India.

I want to put these crimes into perspective.  Millions of people reside in India, and millions of them are good, decent, law abiding citizens.  Please don’t let your fears get the better of you.  David and I truly enjoyed our trip to India last November, though we traveled with a tour group originating in Hawaii and not by ourselves.

I suppose we could say that we should never swim or surf in Hawaiian waters because of recent shark attacks.

Or we should never walk late at night in Waikiki because of recent stabbings by a knife wielding stranger.

Or we should never open our front door because of home invaders who tie the owner up and ransack the home for valuables.

Blah, blah, blah.

Yes, crimes are perpetrated.  Yes, sometimes it is dangerous to step out of our home.  But, does this mean we should live in fear for the rest of our lives?


Breathe freely and live freely.  Your time is not up, yet.  God will take you when it is.

13 Responses to “Breathe freely, live freely”

  1. Christine Says:

    Good advice Gigi but it’s easy to get paranoid when you listen to the news. I can hardly bear to hear some of the stories/atrocities these days.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Yes! Be careful but have fun is how I try to be.

  3. DJan Says:

    I agree, Gigi. Being cautious is one thing but not leaving your home is another. Good advice!

  4. Jeanie Says:

    I think we need to be wise in where we go and what we do, but there is no way to protect ourselves from all the ills of the world. Bad things could happen in or near are homes as well as in places we travel to.

  5. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I am very cautious. The 9-11 incidents here made life really scary for a while. Also, my friend and her husband were shot in their own home by youthful intruders (who later got a slap on the wrist because they were “disadvantaged”). He died, she did not.

    Back in the 1960s, the terrorist bombings around here were terrifying. Unfortunately, some of those pigs are “heros” to the left today.

    There are many thing to fear for sure, but I think gang rapes are awful, and India better clean up its act….soon.

    The treatment of women around the world is my number one issue to get steamed up about. Dianne

  6. L...w Says:

    Nice uplifting post. Well said. Your words flow like melted butter which is why it is so nice to read as part of my morning routine.

  7. Ruprekha Says:

    How true gigi. Every single reasonable Indian feels deeply about what has happened recently. Hope more and more people visiting this country thinks like you. Thanks for being so wonderful in your thought and sharing it with your readers. It would definitely do a great deal of good.
    But treatment of women all over the world has been serious and must get more importance.
    Take care and enjoy life.

  8. kavitasaharia Says:

    I echo Ruprekha. World needs more people who think like you Gigi!

  9. Linda Reeder Says:

    There are many places where it is best to go with a tour group. India may be one of them. I’m not aware of the gang rapes you speak of, but then I really try to block out that kind of news any more.
    We have a long way to go in improving the status and treatment around the world. I believe that is what Hilary Clinton will devote her life to now.

  10. Kay's Musings Says:

    We’ve been getting quite a few shark attacks reported lately haven’t we? If my kids were here, I’d be cautioning them. There are also areas of Oahu that my brother (who works for the police department) tells me we should stay away from. If we go to India, I would plan on going with a tour group instead of on our own as our son and his Sarah did. It’s great to live your life and explore happily, but I believe an ounce of caution is always helpful.

  11. Mage Bailey Says:

    Here we don’t go down into Mexico…still there are mass shootings across the border in the drug wars.

  12. Grannymar Says:

    If I were to listen to all the doom and gloom on the news, I would never get out of bed, but people still die in bed!

  13. LC Says:

    I echo Kay’s musings on an ounce of caution. Once again, your thoughtful post has sparked an interesting conversation among your readers. Dianne’s observations remind me that horrific violence can happen in one’s own home, too.

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