Otherwise, our trip sucks!

scenic hawaii 008-A

Hawaiian seascape.

David and I will be in Miami for three nights in August, and then will be in Washington, DC for three nights.  The highlight of our trip will be dining with my blog friends:  Ana and her hubby in Miami and with Dianne and Denise and their husbands in D.C. We are also dining with our Hawaii friends, Matt and Virginia, in D.C. on another night.

Otherwise, the trip sucks.  I am so upset that we will not be able to tour the White House due to the sequestration.  Now, it looks like the Smithsonian museums also will be closed (on a rolling basis, whatever that means).  Doggone it!

Further, United Airlines has announced that they are cancelling certain flights due to budget cuts.  I sure hope this does not affect us, as our trip is already paid for and cannot be refunded.

However, I look forward to staying at the Hilton Hotel in Miami and D.C.  You can never go wrong with the Hilton.  We have stayed at Hilton Hotels in New York City, Honolulu, and Waikoloa and have absolutely no complaints about them.  If you desire cleanliness and elegance, then the Hilton has all that and more.

This will probably be our last trip to Miami and Washington, D.C.  We won’t be back.  All the more reason to make the most of it.

13 Responses to “Otherwise, our trip sucks!”

  1. Christine Says:

    You take your chances travelling these days. We stayed at a very nice Hilton in Jamaica this past Christmas.

  2. DJan Says:

    I do hope you will enjoy your trip, Gigi. It is very disappointing when things don’t work out the way we hoped. I say that as I am sitting here in a hotel room getting ready to travel home after three days of sitting around watching the clouds. But I’m glad I came. I hope you’ll feel the same about your trip, too.

  3. laurie Says:

    sounds like a wonderful trip, the rotating closures , is that for security or budget related i wonder, I will say also that pizza looks amazing, well actually all the food dishes look amazing in the post below, made me very hungry!!!!I think its wonderful meeting bloggers, wow, thats fun!

  4. Jeanie Says:

    There is so much to see in DC that you should be able to stay pretty busy even if you first choices aren’t available. Traveling can for sure be an iffy thing these days.

  5. Keith Wynn Says:

    I am so sorry that your trip did not go as planned. Traveling is so unpredictable anymore!

  6. Kittie Howard Says:

    There’s so much to see and do in D.C. you won’t miss a beat. It requires 37 Secret Service agents for the White House tour background work. They’ll be furloughed like everyone else so it was a manpower decision in order to keep district offices operational to monitor counterfeiting and other activities, the agency’s primary duty, actually. Our goddaughter is a Secret Service agent. The Smithsonian should be okay as the complex is huge and impossible to see in one day. Don’t forget the zoo — it’s part of the complex — the metro ride out is kinda long but well worth it. I highly recommend the WWII Memorial, the Vietnam and Korean memorials. The detailing on the latter’s statues is amazing. My hub was in the USMC and when he explained why who was where it was like wow! There are also other statues in this area, all walkable but a full day of it. And, truth be told, the White House tour is blah.

    Be sure and take the metro to Foggy Bottom and walk over to Georgetown. Quaint streets and famous eateries.

    You can also take the metro to Arlington Cemetery. Check your guidebook to arrive (a bit earlier as you have to walk about a half mile thru the cemetery) for the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. It’s spiritual beyond words.

    Anyway, hope you have fun!

  7. L...w Says:

    Helps to be with a group tour to make the most of a trip. Trip Advisor is a good site to get some ideas. I asked my cousin who likes to plan her own trips to Japan how she does it without a tour agency. She said she reads blogs and finds out all the good places to visit and the modes of transportation. They’ve been to Japan 9x on their own. I’m inspired by that to do some of my own planning when we retire.

  8. Beatrice Says:

    Have been to both places and will probably never be back, too….who knows!
    Thanx for your comment in my blog.
    Those are no African Snails as we are in Europe; those are Grapevine Snails. I would never through a creature away, even if I don’t like it!!! They are edible, but I won’t try them…

  9. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Sorry the White House tours are affected. They still have $$ for fancy dinners. Too bad you don’t have connections in high places.

    Donald Trump donated several millions to keep it open for school tours this spring. Dianne

  10. Denise Says:

    I’m sorry about all the set backs Gigi. Hope nothing else messes your plans. Gregg and I are excited at the thought of meeting you and David.

  11. Arti Says:

    Hope you have a wonderful journey Gigi and David. Enjoy with your blogging friends and make the most of your time there. Will wait for the photos 🙂

  12. Linda Reeder Says:

    There should still be plenty to do and see in the short time you will be in DC, and I think at least some of the Smithsonian museums will be open.

  13. Musings Says:

    Oh bummers about the sequestration, but there’s still a lot to see there and you’ll have a wonderful time.

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