David’s day

David, ice crm w crushed pineapple 001-A

Here is a typical scene in our home.  My husband reads his Kindle Fire while having breakfast, which consists of two Toaster Scramblers and a glass of iced coffee.  On the other side of the table are bills to be paid, a check book, and a recipe book.  That’s what happens when the dining table doubles as our desk.

David, ice crm w crushed pineapple 002-A

Who says David doesn’t read your comments?  He liked Hank Chapin’s suggestion so much that he bought and served himself some vanilla ice cream with crushed pineapple on top.  Yum!  Thanks, Hank!  If you have any other suggestions for pineapple, do leave a comment here.

David’s computer at work died.  It was 3-1/2 years old, which David considers the average life span of a computer.  Do you agree?  I know some people who have had their computers for 7 years or longer, perhaps because theirs are not used as much.  David’s work computer was custom made with top of the line parts.  He’s ordered another one to replace the broken one.

And here’s good old reliable David watering our Boston ferns every evening:

David watering ferns 003-A

How has life been treating you?

10 Responses to “David’s day”

  1. Christine Says:

    That icecream with pineapples looks refreshing. Of course you’d have iced coffee in the mornings in Hawaii!

  2. L...w Says:

    I tried the crushed pineapple with macadamia nut ice cream and it was very good. I like the sweet syrupy pineapple topping they serve on sundaes, however I think the canned crushed pineapple tasted better and of course is healthier.

    We bought the 4 year (extra year above the normal 3 year) store warranty from Office Depot on our laptop, since our earlier HP laptop died just a month after manufacturer’s/VISA warranty. So far our MSI laptop is still working fine after heavy daily use (morning and evening every day and all day when we are off) so we have gotten our money’s worth this time. Our other two earlier model desktop computers (emachines and compaq) have also died. Our google nexus is being repaired under manufacturer’s warranty. And our motorola triumph smart phone also had a similar demise. Nuff spending on technology!!

  3. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Somehow, I thought you had taken the ferns down. Must be confused. Plants do need watering daily around here. I usually do it as my David is too exhuberant and half the soil ends up on the ground. Dianne

  4. DJan Says:

    Your ferns look very healthy and green, Gigi. David is doing a good job, it seems. Glad to know he reads the comments. Hi, David! 🙂

  5. DrumMajor Says:

    Hiya Gigi and David —
    You won’t see me putting pineapple on perfectly good ice cream. My dad used to put it on cottage cheese.
    The ferns look grand! I just put weed preventor Preen around my hibiscus hubs. After our rain/snow mix this Thursday, I hope winter is done in K.C.
    Hope the knee injections are helping, David.
    Don’t stub that toe, Gigi!

  6. kawika Says:

    I don’t think its a good idea to publish the fact that you have a checkbook sitting on your dining room table. Nowadays you have to watch what you post on the web. Aloha!

    • gigihawaii Says:

      Mahalo! No burglaries during our 32 years of marriage. All windows and external doors are wired to a monitored security alarm. Cops show up in 5 minutes. But, good point. I’ll hide the check book when not in use.

  7. Linda Reeder Says:

    Kitchen tables have been the center of a home for as long as we have had kitchens, tables, and homes.

  8. laurie Says:

    that looks yummy! (icecream)
    I love the art in your dining room!
    I hope David feels better everyday!

  9. Musings Says:

    I’ve always liked vanilla ice cream with pineapples too, but right now it’s mint chocolate chip for me.

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