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My sister, Sylvia, has been promoting a Wine Tasting with Vegan Food session at her restaurant, Greens & Vines, in June.  I won’t be attending, as I really am not a wine connoisseur.  The most I drink is one glass of champagne (sparkling wine) when David and I dine at a restaurant or party.  Other than that, I don’t drink alcohol.

This wine tasting session involves breathing in the aroma as well as tasting the various flavors of each wine.

What I find intriguing is how these people stress the importance of pouring certain wines into certain types of glass ware.  For example, champagne is always served in a flute.  Red wine is served in a large balloon-shaped glass.  White wine has its own type of glass.

Huh?  Why bother?  To me, wine is wine, whether it is served in one glass or another.  What difference does it make?  Can anybody tell me?

What I do insist on is that my champagne NOT be served in a paper cup.  I want to see the bubbles!  Yup, I do have standards!

12 Responses to “Wine tasting session”

  1. Olga Says:

    I know that there are people who feel the same way and have large collections of glasses for beer.
    I have never been to a wine tasting, except at maybe those tastings set up at a grocery store. I like wine, but I am saved from being a wino because I like really expensive wine. That really knocks the wine sipping back to an occasional indulgence.

  2. Christine Says:

    I’m not a wine drinker either, although I do like a glass of perfectly chilled white wine, it seems to go down easily.

  3. Jeanie Says:

    I am not really into the wine culture either, but I know all those things are important to people who are.

  4. DJan Says:

    I went to a wine tasting in Texas with my family over Thanksgiving and ended up buying six bottles to be sent to my home here in Washington state. Although I save them for special occasions, I spent way too much money on them! 🙂

  5. Keith Wynn Says:

    I went to a wine tasting last autumn and felt really out of place lol. Have a wonderful weekend my friend 🙂

  6. R.J. Says:

    Not being a wine connoisseur, I wouldn’t know about the stemware specifics, but I have read it has to do with concentrating the “bouquet” in the desired presentation. I love a glass of white zinfandel which isn’t really white, but pink because it is made from red grapes. It is very light in flavor, a little sweet, and pretty in a glass. I don’t generally drink red wines because I find them too heavy in flavor and harder to digest. Since I have a preference, I find a wine tasting to be wasted on me. I once went to a tequila tasting which turned me off and taught me that I don’t like that taste. I don’t drink vodka, whiskey or rum either.

  7. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I used to drink wine, a lot of it when we went out to eat or to a concert or Opera in the Kennedy Center. I seldom drink it now. I don’t remember the last glass I had it was so long ago. Sigh. Dianne

  8. DrumMajor Says:

    I used to drink Reunite red because it was cheap, and tastes decent when cold, and great when added into your cooking spaghetti sauce. I never drank the boxed wines fast enough to not spoil, even with their collapsing container
    I love Cold Duck (it has bubbles) more than champagne. I like white zinfandel, too. It’s not heavy, and more entertaining than white.
    For a white wine, I love Piesporter Michaelsburg, but it’s a little sweet for some.
    Hey, I’ve grabbed a plastic juice glass if I want a fast swig from my supply, but yes, I avoid paper cups.
    I like dark beer, but when it’s cold.
    Have fun with your own tasting party. DrumMajor

  9. granny annie Says:

    My most clandestine experience with wine was when I was in high school and my date sneaked a gallon bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry Wine into the picture show under his coat for us to drink. I was too nervous to even try it and I can’t really remember if he drank any either but I’ll never forget the event:) Pretty classy huh?

    • DrumMajor Says:

      Yo Granny Annie —
      I saw that they still make Boones Farm, if you want to rent a DVD and really try it. (Pretty sweet….) DrumMajor

  10. Linda Reeder Says:

    I think competitive wine snobbery is rather amusing, and another indication of how affluent our society is that we can spend so much time and money on wine.
    I like light, sweeter white wine, but must limit myself to an occasional glass because I get a reaction from alcohol now, like a massive, long lasting hot flash. I have three bottles of red wine that I need to give away. they were given to us as hostess gifts, but we don’t drink red wine. We find it too harsh.

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