Filling up my spare time

white mums with flag 003-A

David bought this pretty pot of mums, which came with the American flag inserted into the soil.  Cute!  Happy Memorial Day, folks!

Prior to hula class last Wednesday, I complained to my friend, Mary, that the beginner’s metallic jewelry class at the Honolulu Museum of Art (which she had recommended) was full and not accepting any new students.  I also told her that I was more interested in creating jewelry with beads than with metal.  She told me that she had taken classes at Bead It! in Kaimuki, which were a lot of fun.

So, guess what, when I got home, I googled Bead It! and found information about their many classes, which are open to anyone, beginners or advanced.  I intend to join a class on bracelet making and then try to create a necklace in the near future.

Meanwhile, my sister in law, Pat, joined Mary and me at our Hula Kupuna class last Wednesday.  She really enjoyed it.  Our teacher mentioned that dancing the hula will strengthen our memory.  She discovered that hula helped her memorize dates and names, when she was teaching art history in France.  There was no need for her to write the information on a piece of paper, because her memory was so good.

If you want to improve your memory, perhaps you should learn the hula, too.  And try to create jewelry with beads.  Now that I don’t have to babysit Rylan any more, there are so many fun classes I can take to fill up my spare time.

P.S.  There also is a Bead Gallery on Dillingham Blvd.  I might attend classes there, also.

9 Responses to “Filling up my spare time”

  1. DJan Says:

    It sounds like the hula class is expanding quickly. Sounds like a lot of fun, Gigi. And congratulations on finding a place to take that jewelry class. I look forward to seeing what you create.

  2. Arti Says:

    That is some use of your spare time! Making jewelry sounds interesting. Hope you go well with it. Have a lovely day Gigi 🙂

  3. Christine Says:

    Gigi I am saving all your great ideas for when I get that spare time, hopefully one day soon! I find myself forgetting street names lately, scary.

  4. R.J. Says:

    Enjoy the hula and the beading. I would be hopeless at both. Flower arranging would be an interesting class–flower leis maybe.

  5. L...w Says:

    I love making bead bracelets for my granddaughter. She wears them and makes her own at home too. Collecting beads is another fun thing to do and rather addictive.

  6. DrumMajor Says:

    Don’t spill the beads, or your hula feet will hurt! Have fun! DrumMajor

  7. Linda Reeder Says:

    And as you fill up your schedule, you’ll also be able to remember when to go to what! 🙂

  8. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Have fun. As you know gardening is my hobby in warmer months. Dianne

  9. Beatrice Says:

    Making bracelets and necklaces out of beads (gems, metall and pearls and glas) was my business for more then 20 years – I am fed up with it now, but it was a lot of joy all those years!
    •✫ •✫ •✫

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