Have you been stung by jelly fish? Ouch!

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David is very pleased with his lab results.  Like mine, his scores are all normal, except for triglycerides, which are abnormally high.  Let’s see what my internist tells me on Monday.  David will see his doctor on Saturday.

We still have not used the new snorkel gear we purchased last year.  I don’t know what we are waiting for.  Just too lazy, I guess.  But, one fine day, we’ll snorkel at Hanauma Bay again.  Conditions have to be right, i.e. no high surf and no jelly fish.

Have you ever been stung by jelly fish?  It’s painful.  I was sitting on the sand at Kailua Beach, when a wave washed over me and I was stung on my chest.  Friends took me to the nearest ER.  The doctor examined me and recommended meat tenderizer.  I didn’t know of any store that sold meat tenderizer, so the stings were left untreated and eventually dissipated with time.

Today is Sunday.  If the weather is nice, we might drive to the north shore and have lunch there – perhaps, Cholo’s Mexican Restaurant or Jameson’s By The Sea.

Another leisurely weekend with my husband of 33 years.  Life couldn’t be better – for me, at least.

8 Responses to “Have you been stung by jelly fish? Ouch!”

  1. DrumMajor Says:

    Let’s see — meat tenderizer is usually with the spices at the grocery store. Grab some, and head for the beach! I’d read vinegar was best for jelly fish, so you could get a small plastic bottle of vinegar, too. Grab some water for drinking! Have David take a day off to go to the beach when it’s not as crowded? DrumMajor

  2. Christine Says:

    never been stung by one, interesting to use meat tenderizer! I just googled that they recommend exercise and to lower your carb intake (wikipedia).

  3. Jeanie Says:

    I have never been stung by a jellyfish, but I saw a few people with multiple stings whenI lived in Ft. Walton Beach, FL years ago. Those stings looked very painful.

  4. Olga Says:

    We have snorkel gear that we used about three times. I am so nearsighted that it was kind of time for me, although I know you can get prescription lens in the masks. It is now all on loan to a couple who may use it more.

  5. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    One of my kids was stung by one on one of our trips to the shore back when we lived on Oahu. Hurt like the dickens, but I don’t know if he remembers it. Dianne

  6. DJan Says:

    I snorkeled when I vacationed in Mexico many years ago, in a lagoon. It was fun! I have never encountered a jellyfish and now I hope I never do! 🙂

  7. L...w Says:

    Never got stung. Hardly go to the beach or even sit at one. Such a shame when we live just blocks away.

  8. anyone4curryandotherthings Says:

    Ouch!!!! In my younger and more foolish days, living for 3 years in Trinidad, W.I. I came across “those beautiful see-through” things and went straight for them whilst swimming off our boat. But, can you imagine my screams!!! Oh boy, that was painful – I was rushed to the nearest doctor ashore and be sure, I learned my lesson! 🙂 Carina

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