Being there for each other

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Ever since we got married 33 years ago, David and I have had a specific division of labor.  He washes and vacuums our two cars.  I cook dinner and wash the dishes.  This has always been the case.  He hates washing the dishes and has no talent for cooking, whereas I detest cleaning the cars. Besides, I am too short to dry the roof of the cars with a towel.  (Yes, my lack of stature is a good excuse!)

Being married to such a man is so much better than being single.  I would not trade my marriage for anything.  Neither of us is a slave to each other, but we do take for granted that we will always be there for each other.

We will be leaving for the East coast next Sunday.  As usual, David will set up my laptop computer in the hotel room and figure out how to get on the Internet.  In the past, he has been able to fix any glitches that might arise, and believe me, we have had problems with my computer during our travels.

So, consider David a computer whiz, too.  What in the world would I do without him?  I can’t imagine any man taking his place.  However, I do have two daughters, who are smart enough to help me if David were to die.  I assume that they would assist their father, too, if I were the first to pass away.

That is the scenario I picture for our future.  David and I are so fortunate that we have a family to count on when life gets tough.  In the meantime, we do have each other.

8 Responses to “Being there for each other”

  1. Denise Says:

    You and David make a great couple. Gregg and I count each day as a blessing as we have had many friends and family who have lost their partners in life, and we know the sadness they have/are going through. It is also a blessing knowing that our son would be there for us if anything happened. In the meantime, as you say, we have each other and we will make the most of it.

  2. Beatrice Says:

    You can be fortunate indeed!!!
    All you counted and wrote about is not a grant these days…

  3. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Too scary to think what we would do without them. Dianne

  4. DJan Says:

    I am looking forward to your East Coast adventure! Right now the weather there seems quite moderate. And you are definitely fortunate to have each other and your family, Gigi. 🙂

  5. Linda Reeder Says:

    Tom and I have divisions of labor too, but they have changed over the years. I cook, but thank goodness, he does the dishes. I hate the clean up after cooking and eating. I used to mow the lawn, but after he bought a big heavy self propelled mower, I turned that over to him. I used to do all of the vacuuming, because I was home longer and had more time. Now he does that too because my back hates it.
    But mostly we work together, until the jobs are done. And then we help our kids. I don’t like to think about when that will no longer be possible.

  6. Christine Says:

    Family is so important when you think about it! Wow your trip is coming up soon!

  7. L...w Says:

    It wasn’t always the case, but my husband has grown to be the primary cook and housekeeper . I will cook only specific dishes I want to try out, and sometimes I do meal prep and clean up. But I leave the actual cooking to him. However, I do all the paperwork from opening the mail to bill paying, taxes, etc. We work together, even on the job we have our division of labor. We shop together. I keep track of our pantry stock, write the shopping list, and look for sales. He makes the product selection and adds whatever else he wants. It’s a funny way to shop, but as you can see, saving money is more important to us than cooking fancy.

    I think married couples tend to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and form teamwork that way. Not too good since when one goes, the other will be handicapped

  8. Cathy Says:

    We used to be that way also Gigi – then a friend lost her husband and had no idea how to do various household chores – that’s when I started ‘teaching/encouraging’ the Golfer to at least learn some basic cooking skills so he wouldn’t be at a loss if I went suddenly. He did ask for all the bank details so he wouldn’t be left a pauper!!
    Take care

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