A win-win situation

Hawaii 002-A


Isn’t this a pretty shade of green?  I love this picture.  However, as much as I like green, I wouldn’t dream of installing a green carpet.  David wants a green carpet for the entertainment area, but I told him green is such a cold color.  Somehow, we will have to reach a compromise.

I presently take medication that leads to weight gain.  My doctor told me to exercise to counteract the added pounds.

Besides studying hula, I try to do as much housework as possible.  For instance, yesterday I cleaned our two refrigerators, bending low to scrub the vegetable bins.  Then, I stretched my arms high to hang coffee cups on hooks in the cupboard.  I also emptied and loaded the dishwasher and dish rack.  After that, I swept and mopped the floors and scrubbed the walls and baseboards.  Finally, I swept the patio.

Doesn’t all of this housework equal a walk around the block?  I think it is a win-win situation, because the house gets clean while I get some exercise.  So, there!

12 Responses to “A win-win situation”

  1. Olga Says:

    It sounds like exercise to me, and I do like the added bonus. I actually enjoy walking as my exercise and my garden gives a work out, too.

  2. Christine Says:

    There are many shades of green. I used to know an artist many years ago who had carpet a nice shade of green, it worked! And housework does count as good exercise! Bummer about that medicine.

  3. DJan Says:

    I have learned that I feel best when I get enough exercise to break a sweat, and it doesn’t have to last all that long. I’ll bet you were “glowing” when you cleaned those refrigerators. 🙂

  4. Suzanne Says:

    I count cleaning as exercise. I even try to make sure I use my left arm the same amount as my right arm. Scrub with the right, scrub with the left. 🙂

  5. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Weight Watchers considers housework exercise.

  6. Denise Says:

    Cleaning house is a great way to get exercise. Some of it can be really hard work. Gregg’s favorite color is green. When we first got married I realized that everything we bought was ‘green’. As a young bride I would sway to that color, even though my favorite colors go to the blues and deep reds. We compromise these days 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my post, your comment made me smile. We don’t have a room in the house big enough to accommodate that painting. It was HUGE!

  7. Kay G. Says:

    I think housework is a great way for you to exercise too, so come on to my house and exercise all day! HA HA!
    Hey, I hope you forgive me for calling you by the wrong name on my last comment. I called my friend today to wish her a happy birthday, a friend that I have known for 45 years!!! And I called her by the wrong name too! I am getting older you know!!!
    Hey! Also, if you look at my last post, I have a clip of my son on Youtube. He has his own band now. Let me know what you think, hope you like it, he needs some encouragement. Thanks!!

  8. 22arti Says:

    Housework really keeps one fit if done regularly!! Truly its a win win situation. I think dark chocolate color would be a nice color for the carpet?

  9. Linda Reeder Says:

    That not only sounds like exercise, it sound like a lot of WORK! Please let me just take a three mile walk! 🙂

  10. L...w Says:

    That’s more housework than I’ve done in a long while. You go girl!!

  11. LC Says:


  12. The Laughing Housewife Says:

    Green is supposed to be calming.

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