The trait I inherited from my father

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Well, all of my closets, cupboards, cabinets and drawers have been purged and reorganized.  It is just wonderful to open them and see the little miracles.

One thing I am especially proud of is throwing away all of my jewelry pouches and jewelry boxes and putting the jewelry in Ziploc sandwich bags according to color.  Now, I don’t have to open pouches and boxes to find suitable jewelry. When I wear a green muumuu, for example, I simply reach for the sandwich bag containing green jewelry and adorn myself with them.  Same goes for my blue muumuu and the sandwich bag containing blue jewelry.  I had a stroke of genius when I decided to hang my chain necklaces on clothes hangers.  Now, they no longer tangle.

Going through my medicine cabinet, I discarded expired meds.  David and I had an argument about his buying 3 boxes of Sudafed in bulk from Costco.  Why buy so many at once, when they will expire?  Besides, they didn’t cure his ailment, so he stopped taking them.  What a waste!

It’s fantastic to be free of clutter and to be organized.  I believe I inherited this trait from my father, who was extremely tidy.

As for David, he willingly helped by taking bags of trash to the bin outside.  He also donated things to Goodwill.

Next:  Clean the window sills.

10 Responses to “The trait I inherited from my father”

  1. Kay G. Says:

    Next thing after that…come to my house and organize and tidy up!
    Love that idea of the sandwich bags with color coded jewelry, brilliant!

  2. Christine Says:

    What a wonderful feeling, I will get there one of these days!

  3. DJan Says:

    The amount of jewelry that I have would not even fill half a sandwich bag, so I’m safe. That is a good idea for lots of jewelry, though. A stroke of genius on hanging necklaces on hangars, indeed. 🙂

  4. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Simple is better. I love an uncluttered life. Dianne

  5. Jeanie Says:

    It always feels good to get things organized. The bags for your jewelry is a great idea.

  6. mageb Says:

    Bravo to you. What a huge thing this is. Yes, simple is better, and tho my closet is in order, my life is filled with too much stuff.

    Yes, Nothing at Target or JCPenneys, so today I will try Macy’s. A black straw would be perfect.

  7. Joanne Says:

    It’s good to keep two potato peelers when you purge the kitchen. I made the mistake of pitching the extra one, once, and peeled alone until I got another one in case there was a helper around.

  8. palolo Says:

    I wish you would come to my house and tell my wife to throw away all the junk we keep. It must feel great to be organized.

  9. Linda Reeder Says:

    I like cleaning out, discarding and organizing, once I get started. It’s getting the motivation to get started that alludes me.
    Good job, Gigi.

  10. L...w Says:

    I’m just the opposite…bordering on being a pack rat ugh…

    I drive my husband nuts with the stuff I buy and keep as I try to be ahead of price increases. I just need to organize it all, then it would be fine I think. I do watch expiration dates on everything I buy. I write the expiry date with marker on masking tape on the box or can. I am very organized about some things, under the cluttered appearance.

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