Dreams and plans

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Now that David is more or less retired, he spends a lot of time watching television.  However, he does have specific chores to do on a weekly basis.  For example, he vacuums the house, cleans the bathtubs, washes his own laundry, and shops for groceries.  I do everything else.

Since we are both in our sixties, we don’t seem to have any “dreams” anymore.  There was a time during our twenties when we both dreamed of a career in music.  For various reasons, that did not happen.  He became an accountant, and I became a legal assistant and professional writer.

Of course, we have children and grandchildren as well as a large house, too.  But, this is a case of “been there done that.”  What else is in store for us?

We have short term goals.  In 2014, we will cruise up and down the Seine River in France.  In 2015, we will watch Lisa graduate with a doctorate in physical therapy, and then we will tour the Grand Canyon.  In 2016, we will cruise down the Danube River.

Beyond that, we have no other plans.

What are your dreams and plans?  What will make you happy?

6 Responses to “Dreams and plans”

  1. DJan Says:

    I am enjoying my life in retirement here in Washington state. I like to visit my siblings and take the occasional trip, but mostly I am enjoying my day to day life. I’ve done all the international traveling already. 🙂

  2. L...w Says:

    I just hope to live long enough to enjoy “a” retirement. i know this sounds crazy but I’ve seen enough people die before they reach retirement. I dream of that day when your time is yours and as my aunt put it, “Everyday is Sunday”. What will I do? If it works out as planned my husband and I would like to explore the world with our own itinerary. Vietnam and Japan are high on our list.

  3. lynn Says:

    living from day to day – divorced late in life hope to retire at 62 to 65 but actually I want to always work and hope to stay healthy – traveled some but dram – um maybe about not having to worry so much about money and see my daughter graduate be happy and hopefully my grandsons graduate also.

  4. Christine Says:

    I guess these dreams depend on what life stage you are in. I dream of my kids becoming fully adult with their own independent lives and hope they will be healthy and happy.

  5. Grannymar Says:

    My plans and dreams are to wake up each day and take it from there!

  6. Linda Reeder Says:

    I do have a few big dreams left. I would like to go to Italy. There are more places in the US I want to visit. I want to see my daughter and her kids happily settled into their new home, and live happily ever after. I wish happiness for my son in whatever form it may take.
    But mostly I look forward to shorter term pleasures, like the next soccer game, or producing an interesting blog post, or visiting a lovely local garden, or seeing a good movie. There is always some new experience to enjoy, even in the been there, done that.

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