Recognizing someone special

Greens and vines 001-A

My sister Sylvia’s restaurant, Greens and Vines, in Honolulu.

Cinco de Mayo 008-A

My sister Sylvia at her Cinco de Mayo celebration at Greens and Vines.

I was thinking about all of the birthdays we have celebrated over the years.  There have been January birthday parties (Nedra and me), March parties (Pat, David, Lisa and Mom), August parties (Maria) – but no parties for November birthday people (Sylvia).

This has got to change, so I asked my sister Sylvia if she was available on November 10 for dinner.  She said that the Hale Aina awards ceremony would be held that night.  Her restaurant, Greens and Vines, has been nominated for Best Vegetarian Restaurant.  She won’t know the results until that night.

Wow!  I am so impressed, and I do hope her restaurant wins.

Meanwhile, I checked my calendar and found that we have to watch Hawaii football on Saturday nights and attend the symphony concerts on Sunday afternoons.  There is one Sunday open in October.  We’ll see if we can celebrate Sylvia’s birthday then.

Sylvia has been so unassuming and undemanding all these years, it’s about time we recognized her birthday.

9 Responses to “Recognizing someone special”

  1. Christine Says:

    That will be a wonderful thing to do! The restaurant looks so nice.

  2. DJan Says:

    Good luck to your sister on winning that award! And having a celebration for her birthday seems only fitting. 🙂

  3. Joanne Says:

    Hooray for Sylvia and her restaurant. That is one big achievement, win or no. Which she will!

  4. Jeanie Says:

    That is very nice of you to want to make sure Sylvia’s birthday gets celebrated. I hope to hear in November that she won the award.

  5. L...w Says:

    Wow…isn’t that fantastic!! Just started and already nominated for the “Best” award!! A fine restaurant in a prime location.

  6. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Wow, how exciting. It’s wonderful to have a family member or friend receive such recognition. Good luck to you both and hopefully, you will find a date in common when you can get together to celebrate her birthday.

  7. Olga Says:

    It would be great to celebrate a birthday and an award!

  8. Arti Says:

    The restaurant looks beautiful! Very pleasing to the eyes. I am sure
    you had a wonderful time Gigi 🙂

  9. Suzanne Says:

    Aww! She sounds very nice. I hope she wins.

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