Cheese fondue is a social meal


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I read a sad little post by a blogger on another island recently.  She mentioned, “It’s no fun eating alone in a restaurant.  I miss having a husband.”

She had already been married and divorced twice.  Her girlfriends were all occupied with their own families.

Her comment triggered memories of eating cheese fondue alone in a restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland in November 1969.  One should always eat cheese fondue with at least one other person, if not more people.  How I wished I could have joined the table next to mine, where customers were having such a great time with their fondue.

Fondue, as you might already know, involves dipping chunks of bread into a pot of hot melted cheese.  There’s nothing lonelier than doing this alone. Fondue is a social meal.

I guess I am not the loner I thought I was.  I am so glad David is alive, well, and devoted to me and our marriage.  The next time I find myself in Switzerland, he’ll be there, too, eating fondue with me.

P.S.  Have you tried Beef Fondue, which consists of bits of steak and veggies cooked in boiling broth, then dipped in various sauces?  That’s delicious, too.

15 Responses to “Cheese fondue is a social meal”

  1. Christine Says:

    you’re definitely not a loner! I ate cheese fondue in Switzerland but found it quite rich and heavy, all that stinky cheese and bread!

  2. palolo Says:

    I see lots of shabu shabu restaurants opening in Honolulu. Social dining dipping meats and seafood into broths.

  3. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I love cheese, but it doesn’t always love me.

  4. Grannymar Says:

    Tapas is another very sociable way to share food!

  5. Joanne Says:

    My Swiss friend provides little chunks of pre-cooked meats for dipping in the fondu; and little cut up broccoli or cauliflower. Actually she’s German, raised in Switzerland, and says just cheese and bread doesn’t cut it. Oh, I forgot the wine, too. Several glasses.

  6. Linda Reeder Says:

    We used to do fondue a lot in the “olden days” when we were a young married couple: meat cooked in hot oil, cheese fondue, chocolate fondue with fruit and pound cake.

  7. granny annie Says:

    Ron and I enjoyed dining out. Most often I go to all our favorite places and take my Kindle Fire HD to watch a movie while I eat. It is enjoyable and I can imagine Ron is there with me. I always leave a tip for two people.

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