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After four days of applying to Hawaii Health Connector, David was finally able to get through without the website crashing.  It was a frustrating, irritating four days, but they approved his application for a monthly credit for Obamacare.  The rates will be announced today.  As you know, Obamacare will take effect on January 1, 2014.  It will cost David much less than COBRA.  He will remain on Obamacare until he qualifies for Medicare later.

I hope every American is insured before long.  Yes, it will be expensive for the government, but we all should be concerned for those who are less fortunate than us.  David’s friend was uninsured when he was treated in an emergency room.  The bill amounted to $9,000.  The hospital is allowing him to pay them $100 per month until the bill is paid off.

Last week, I saw a new doctor, who happens to be very cute.  Nothing wrong with being cute.  But, it suddenly occurred to me that I am definitely a senior citizen, and ALL of my doctors are younger than I am.  There was a time when they were much older, but now I have to discuss my ailments with these young “kids.”  I sure hope this one is competent.  You might remember how my umbilical hernia was misdiagnosed.  Well, my new doctor told me that he, himself, had surgery for an umbilical hernia, so we have that in common.  He replaces my previous doctor, who retired at the age of 51.

17 Responses to “Medical notes”

  1. DJan Says:

    I also have a doctor who looks like a teenager, Gigi. It was disconcerting at first, but he’s up on all the latest techniques and I find he’s MUCH better than my previous older doctor. Hope it’s the same for you! 🙂

  2. Joanne Says:

    All my doctors are younger than I am; not surprisingly. It is good to know ACA is going ahead, in spite of the government.

  3. Olga Says:

    I guess if one does not know of a family member who needs affordable insurance, one might question the need. I certainly do not. I think that it is shameful that there are so many uninsured and without adequate health care because of it in this country.

  4. Christine Says:

    Obamacare sounds like a good thing! I know, cute doctors can be misleading, lol. Wow not bad for your other doc, retiring at 51.

  5. beedoo747 Says:

    When we last visited Hawaii – travelling from Australia – my Dad became extremely ill & had to have major surgery. If we had not been wise enough to purchase travel insurance, his bill would have been somewhere between 200-300 *thousand* dollars.

    Back here in Australia, this surgery would have been performed at zero cost to him. Even if he had no health insurance of any kind.

    I have a doctor who is so cute that when I look at him, all intelligent thought is driven out of my mind. And he has an accent – Dutch I think, which is so gorgeous.

    So I developed a way of handling this – I write everything down before I go in, and I do not look at him until we have talked about everything on my piece of paper. 🙂

    • gigihawaii Says:

      hahaha. That’s too funny about your cute doctor. I am glad your father had travel insurance. David and I have purchased travel insurance for our trip to France next year.

  6. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    The government does not pay for anything, we taxpayers do. I support health care for all as a practical matter, but the younger generation will have to ante up $$ to pay for health care premiums and thus support older people.

    Glad to hear David has some options. With his knee, he will need them. Dianne

  7. mageb Says:

    So glad he finally got through. Yes, all my doctor’s are kids too. Nope, thanks for offering, but I can clean the last two drawers by myself. LOL

  8. Henry Hank Chapin Says:

    The most popular favorite on our street had also become blind. He was 90+. Kenji took a lot of interest in life and was fun to talk to. Somehow, he got a new, YOUNG eye doctor who was up on the latest techniques. The doc told him, “You know, you don’t have to be blind Mr. Okimura.” Two weeks later, I saw Ken and he called out to me, “Hank, I CAN SEE!” It was like a miracle. But it was also because he got a younger doctor. Of course, practically everybody is younger when you are ninety years old.

  9. jerrie Says:

    and I was told Hawaii had universal health care right now I ha. jerrie Virginia
    ve health insurance for me and my daughter thru my job it is real expensive when I retire it will be even more expensive

  10. Linda Reeder Says:

    For all the fuss and dire predictions being made over the Affordable Care Act, I believe it will turn out to be a success and will be a big step to getting everyone insured. It won’t be free, but it should be affordable, depending on the level of deductible one chooses.

  11. The Laughing Housewife Says:

    If doctors can afford to retire at 51, they’re charging too much.

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