Sir James Galway

JoAnn Falletta, Sir James Galway 004-A

JoAnn Falletta and Sir James Galway.

On Sunday, David and I spent a relaxing evening at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. We saw the world famous flutist Sir James Galway perform the Mozart Flute Concerto No. 2 in D Major, accompanied by the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra.  I loved the cadenzas, especially.  Despite his advanced age, Galway still has what it takes to keep us enthralled.  He performed several encores, among them “Danny Boy” and a special piece he commissioned from Howard Shore, the composer of “Lord of the Rings.”  So beautiful to listen to.  In fact, Galway’s performance made me weep.

The orchestra was masterfully conducted by JoAnn Falletta.  Concertmaster, Ignace Jang, played the solo violin passages in Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade.  Wow, Jang’s tone was lush and his intonation impeccable.  Excellent!

Berlioz’s sprightly Roman Carnival Overture rounded out the concert.

Once again, I was grateful that my husband appreciates and understands classical music.  My father was right when he told me to marry David because of our common interests.  Not many men like operas and symphonies.  I am lucky that David does.  After all, we are both classical musicians.  That’s hard to beat.

9 Responses to “Sir James Galway”

  1. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I once listened to Galway almost every day. He is a wonderful musician. His “Danny Boy” can make the stoutest heart weep.
    I like Chamber music, however. Orchestras overwhelm me.

  2. granny annie Says:

    And isn’t it wonderful that he isn’t exhausted after a hard days work and can go enjoy these things with you. Yep, it’s time to enjoy retirement and all the things you have in common.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    That is great that you have that in common. My sister told me I needed to find someone to date that I had something in common with. It was such great advice.

  4. Christine Says:

    It is so good having this common interest. Had no idea you were allergic to olive oil, that is an unusual one. Although I know someone allergic to sugar.

  5. DJan Says:

    How wonderful! It sounds like it was an exciting evening. 🙂

  6. Denise Says:

    I would have loved to see this concert. I have been a fan of James Galway since long before I married.

  7. Olga Says:

    Sometimes Father really does know best. It is wonderful that you can share these outings and concerts.

  8. Linda Reeder Says:

    Now James Galway is someone I can get excited about. I love flute music and he is a master in making the flute sing.

  9. Cathy Says:

    It’s good to hear you and David share a common passion for music – The Golfer and I have lots of different interests but there is one thing we both agree on and that is ‘Music makes the world go ’round’.
    Take care

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