Canceled our trip to France

Color bowl 004-A

David purchased this colorful bowl of Impatiens at Home Depot.  It graces our patio table.  Lovely!

We canceled our 2014 trip to France mainly because of David’s arthritis.  Just walking to the concert hall from the parking lot at the Blaisdell, he has had to stop every few seconds to rest his aching right hip.  He will undergo an X-ray and then see his orthopedist on December 3.  If hip replacement surgery is recommended, he hopes to have it done in July of next year.  That will allow him to see the pre-paid operas in March and June and recuperate in time for the opera and symphony season in the Fall.  He will have to undergo surgery for his right knee later.

We also hope to get $500 refunded from our $1,158 deposit for the trip.  The balance is for the travel insurance we had to buy, which is non-refundable.

Our finances are an issue.  Our greatest fear is that we will out-live our savings.  David created a budget, but things have a way of busting it.  For example, who would have predicted that our 4 year old Toyota Camry would cost $2,600 to fix, or that our plumber would charge us $343 to fix two sinks?  Sheesh!  When it rains, it pours.

I think that women who are married to an auto mechanic or a plumber are very lucky women, indeed.  Lol.

12 Responses to “Canceled our trip to France”

  1. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    We are still fighting city hall over our water bill. They are wrong (they admitted the statement was a mistake) and lowered the bill from $1100 to $1069, sent a note telling us to pay it immediately, and then all left for the holiday. I don’t think so. Good luck to David. Dianne

  2. Olga Says:

    I hope all goes well. It is wonderful that they can replace all those mechanical parts in the body, but sad that those parts can wear out so painfully. Have a pleasant Thanksgiving.

  3. denise Says:

    Sad to have to do but very sensible. Now in retirement we are realizing we need to prioritize and think twice about a lot of things.

  4. DJan Says:

    I agree that this was the right course of action. I do hope David is able to get that hip fixed without incident. Have a very happy Thanksgiving, Gigi. 🙂

  5. Jeanie Says:

    It sounds like you made the right decision. It would not be a good trip if David was in pain the whole time.

  6. Joanne Says:

    If David is in pain, best stay home and take care of it.

  7. Christine Says:

    oh no Gigi! So sorry to hear France is off (for now). Hope David will be ok.

  8. Grannymar Says:

    I love the colour of the Impatiens. You are wise to cancel the holiday if David is in pain. I hope he finds relief very soon.

  9. Tom Sightings Says:

    Sorry you had to cancel the trip, but maybe in 2015! My sister has had both knees done, and last month she walked for three weeks on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

  10. palolo Says:

    David should lose weight at the gym to lessen the stress on his knees and hips. Lift light weights with lots of repetitions. Use the sauna. I hope David will feel better.

  11. Linda Reeder Says:

    Sometimes reality bites. But better to get out of the trip now when you can get some refund, and you haven’t starting making preparations.
    It’s hard to think about being thankful when you have issues like this, but I know that your loved ones surrounding you tomorrow will make a difference.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Gigi.

  12. Beatrice Says:

    I suddenly developed hip and knee problems as well; this hurts ALL the time. I can’t sit, I can’t rest, I can’t walk, I can’t sleep….doc can’t find anything. X-rays are ok and all other things, too! So I don’t know when I will be thru with this. I can understand that you cancelled your trip to France! You live in a terrific place, so no holidays needed, actually!?!!

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