Christmas lights

A few houses on my street have been strung up with colorful lights.  David and I don’t feel like increasing our electric bill, so our home is dark except for interior lights.

I asked my husband to photograph our neighbors’ front yards with his expensive Sony camera, and here are the results:

Christmas Lights 108-A

Christmas Lights 115-A

Christmas Lights 117-A

Pretty, aren’t they?  Do you have exterior lights, too?

17 Responses to “Christmas lights”

  1. Olga Says:

    My father always strung lights around the front window when I was a kid. Amazing because he was incredibly stingy about paying the electric bill. He would rant and rave if someone left a light on when leaving a room and we watched TV in the dark. Mike and I put electric candles in the windows, an inside decoration that shows on the outside.

  2. Christine Says:

    Very pretty! We don’t have lights. Once in our old neighbourhood someone cut our lights in several places. Here we are just lazy!

  3. DJan Says:

    Our electric bill was high enough without lights. But I do love the lights that other people put up (and pay for). 🙂

  4. Suzanne Says:

    Very pretty! We don’t decorate much.

  5. Beatrice Says:

    Yes, just a bit on one bush and inside in two windows a lovely fragile garland, just ♥ ԼƠƔЄ

  6. Tom Sightings Says:

    Nice … they make the one string of lights over our front door look pretty pathetic … well, let’s say modest instead.

  7. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I had exterior lights, but the squirrels ate them. All our lights are inside.

  8. Joanne Says:

    No lights; just grandkids. I can afford one or the other.

  9. LC Says:

    Yep, my husband has colored and white lights strung on posts, shrubs and a tree. Makes me happy!

  10. Dty Says:

    If you use LED lights you will see very little change in your electric bill. The electricity it uses is very little. I really like the cabinet David put together for your daughter. Where is it from? And your coffee table?

  11. Linda Reeder Says:

    Yes we do have lights – colored lights on the house and white lights on shrubs, and two white light deer. We love lights on houses during this dark time of the year.

  12. Jeanie Says:

    We have some lights and candy canes in front but nothing like your neighbors (or some of our neighbors). I love seeing the lights when I am out walking the dog after dark.

  13. granny annie Says:

    Ron’s vintage John Deere Tractor sat at the front of our property and I would decorate it with lights. It was fun. No lights this year. No Christmas decorations at all yet and probably wont’ put any out. This virus has taken me totally out of business.

  14. Denise Says:

    David took some great pictures, they are lovely! We don’t have any outside lights either but I have the Christmas Tree up and decorations on the mantle.

  15. mageb Says:

    Yes, led lights from every balcony and on the bushes by the front door too.

  16. Grannymar Says:

    Living alone, I no longer bother with decorations.

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