Rylan’s Christmas show

David and I drove in rush hour traffic to see our three year old grandson’s preschool Christmas show.  We thought it was fantastic.

Here are shots of Rylan on stage:

Rylan's Christmas 015-A

Rylan's Christmas 016-A

Rylan reminded me of our younger daughter, Lisa, when she made her debut in a Summer Fun Finale as a kindergartner.  She was so inhibited that she didn’t participate in the dance routine.  However, when she was in fourth or fifth grade, she suddenly blossomed and, boy, did she dance with gusto.

After the show, we congregated with family outside the auditorium.

Rylan's Christmas 087-A

Rylan and his sister, Julia.  The more I look at Julia, the more I think she would make a beautiful and talented Miss Hawaii, Miss America someday.

Rylan's Christmas 088-A

Rylan with his parents and sister.

Rylan's Christmas 083-A

Rylan with David and me.

Rylan's Christmas 089-A

Rylan with his cousins and sister.

David and I hope to see our grandson shine again at the next show.  Good job, Rylan!

12 Responses to “Rylan’s Christmas show”

  1. granny annie Says:

    Way to go Rylan!

  2. DJan Says:

    How very sweet! He does look a little shy on stage, but he is certainly surrounded by people who love him and encourage him. Congratulations, Rylan!

  3. Joanne Says:

    If we could bottle and keep that enthusiasm forever. The little girls are quite involved!

  4. Jeanie Says:

    I’m glad you got to go. Kid’s on stage are so fun to see and with an audience full of parents and grandparents there is always an enthusiastic reception. You got some great pictures.

  5. Olga Says:

    So precious. I missed the kids’ concerts this year–now they are on two separate nights and I could really not get away for three nights to take them in OR make two night time 140 mile round trips in one week. I did settle for one night that happened to be between the two events. I’ll plan better next time.

  6. Grannymar Says:

    So wonderful to see, pity that stage passes so fast.

  7. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Beautiful children. I was trying to figure out which little boy was Rylan. Dianne

  8. Christine Says:

    What a lovely outing! Beautiful family photos Gigi.

  9. Linda Reeder Says:

    What fun to have your beautiful grandchildren nearby so you can participate in these special events.

  10. mageb Says:

    Just lovely. You and yours leave me grinning with happiness.

  11. denise Says:

    That must have been wonderful to see your grandson on stage. Such adorable grandchildren you have. Great photos all of them.

  12. LC Says:

    So cute. Precious times with grandson and extended family.

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