Any regrets?

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A few years ago, I sold my Yamaha piano to a friend.  She paid me $500, and I used the money to buy two bookcases.  Yup, a piano for two bookcases.  Why?  Because nobody played the piano, and it had become a catch-all for miscellaneous stuff.

My friend hired a trucking company that specialized in moving pianos.  They took great care in transporting it to her condominium in Makiki, a suburb of Honolulu.

“How do you like the piano?” I asked my friend when I saw her last week.

“Oh, I don’t play it anymore, because I don’t want to disturb my neighbors,” she replied.

“Don’t you live in an air conditioned end unit?”

“Yes,” she said, “but sound travels via the walls and floors.”

After spending much money on the purchase and transport, my friend no longer touches the piano.  So sad.

I, on the other hand, utilize my two bookcases regularly.  They house an array of cookbooks, binders containing photos and writings, as well as board games, not to mention our stereo and tape deck.  (I also have a third bookcase filled with other types of books.)

I don’t regret selling the piano.  I wonder if my friend regrets buying it.

12 Responses to “Any regrets?”

  1. Christine Says:

    We have a piano and a drum set never used, grandkids one day maybe?

  2. granny annie Says:

    Another reason I love living in the country on ten acres where my dog can bark, my roosters can crow and my music can be turned up as loudly as I like. No neighbors to complain. Bookcases I love but a piano would do me no good since I cannot play:)

  3. Jeanie Says:

    It sounds like the piano deal worked very well for you, maybe not so much for your friend. We have a baby grand piano that only gets played when the grandkids are here, but for some reason Doc loves it so we will be keeping it.

  4. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Neighbor Kathy has a baby grand piano. Mostly it catches dust, is a place for cats to get away from the dogs, and holds her collection of stuffed animals! My granddaughter plays the piano at her mom’s. Connie says she will give the piano to Hannah when she finally settles down. Hannah learned to play on that piano. I paid for the lessons and David and I contributed to the purchase of the piano. Dianne

  5. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Also, bookcases are nice, but mine have become a bit cluttered.

  6. mageb Says:

    Yes, for me there is no life without bookcases every where. I sold my piano too.

  7. denise Says:

    We have several bookcases throughout the house and even had one built floor to ceiling that fills the walls from one end to the other, with the fireplace in between, which we both enjoy. No regrets about that either. And no Gigi, we did not get to kiss an alligator ;). Maybe next time, not! Lol!

  8. Olga Says:

    In my world, where musical talent of any kind was not handed out, bookcases are much more useful than a piano. However, I think it is sad that your friend does not get to enjoy playing hers.

  9. Joanne Says:

    That is sad. I cannot believe she quit because of neighbors. Had I been a neighbor I would have thought to myself, “Oh, listen, she’s playing,” and gone about my business and enjoyed the music. I cannot believe it was loud enough to disturb. And, I cannot believe someone would not let her enjoy making music for an hour or so.

  10. Cathy Says:

    Your bookcases look big and sturdy, capable of holding plenty. They fill a need for you – maybe your friends need for a piano diminished over time.
    It’s also possible she does have a grumpy neighbour who made some comment – she’s obviously not telling if that’s the case

  11. Suzanne Says:

    I always have bookcases. They are a must have I think.

  12. Tom Sightings Says:

    We have a piano. B actually plays it sometimes, and when she does, I like to listen.

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