BBQ 005-A

The weather was so pleasant that David decided to barbecue premium choice rib eye steaks in the patio.  He preheated the gas grill for 10 minutes, covered.

I pre-cut the meat – 1/3 for me and 2/3 for David.  Then I seasoned each side with salt and pepper.

For steaks 1 inch thick, he barbecued them at the highest temperature 1 minute on one side, 1 minute on the other side, 3 minutes on the previous side, and 3 minutes on the other side – for a total of 8 minutes.  The steaks were pink in the center, the way we like them.

I served the meat with potato salad and a green salad with grated carrots.  Delicious!

BBQ 006-A

David was told by a sales clerk at Home Depot to always scrub the grill with a sturdy brush right after cooking food on it.  If he waits until the grill is cool, the bits of food will be more difficult to remove.

The renovation of our patio is complete.  We have all the plants here that we could possibly want.  No need to add more:

Patio 004-A


patio 002-A

11 Responses to “BBQ”

  1. Olga Says:

    Mike was the grill master and I don’t want to be bothered with it, but I do miss a grilled steak once in a while. Your dinner looks good.

  2. granny annie Says:

    The patio looks very pleasant and just enough plants. More would make it crowded. Is this the first time you have grilled since you were trying to decide what to cook? Looks like you made a good choice. Yum! Your potato salad appears to be made with mashed potatoes or is that just the photo? It does look tasty.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      Yes, it was the first time that the weather was good enough for a barbecue. Up until then, it was always too windy or raining. There were real chunks of potato in there, not mashed.

  3. Linda Starr Says:

    oh I love your turquoise chairs, do you have to water your plants often or is rain sufficient?

  4. Tom Sightings Says:

    Mmmmm, makes me hungry. The other tip I’ve heard and that I now always do: After scrubbing with the brush, wipe off with a damp paper towel, in case any bit of the brush has come off. You don’t want a little shard of metal brush to get in your food! Now … I’m going to go make some potato salad!

  5. DJan Says:

    Lovely patio, just right. The meat doesn’t appeal to me, but the rest of it sure does! 🙂

  6. DeniseinVA Says:

    A wonderful meal! Great barbecue cleaning tips also. I love the pretty blue of your outdoor furniture, and your patio looks great!

  7. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Yum. David grilled steaks for my birthday. So good.

  8. Kay G. Says:

    Oh, I love that patio. It’s perfect! And that steak looks pretty dang good too!! xx

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