Have a good day and count your blessings!

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Thanks for all your comments on the previous post.  Unbelievably, my blog received 518 views on Sunday, so it must have struck a chord with many people.  Ordinarily, my blog averages 300 views per day.

David and I have been through so many ups and downs throughout our 34 years of marriage that it is remarkable we are still married.

Some of you mentioned couples counseling.  Well, we’ve been there, done that.  Yes, we have experienced Marriage Encounter (twice), Love Circles, and psychotherapy for many years.  While all of that has been beneficial, we basically are still the same.  I don’t believe we will ever change.  We just have to accept each other as we are.

We do get along 80% of the time, so we try to focus on the good times and not the bad.  For example, we both enjoy participating in family parties as well as attending symphony concerts and traveling to fun destinations.

As for the 20% when we don’t get along?  We just have to accept the fact that we do not have a perfect marriage — mainly because we are not perfect people.  There is bound to be a personality clash now and then.

Ultimately, this marriage is all we have.  Let’s make the most of it.

Have a good day and count your blessings!

12 Responses to “Have a good day and count your blessings!”

  1. Beatrice P. Boyd Says:

    A much positive post than the previous one, Gigi, but as you said no one of us is perfect and learning to live with our imperfections and each other is what matters.

  2. DJan Says:

    I am glad to read that you are reconciled to staying together. It was hard to read that last post and I had nothing really to say. I know how hard it is to compromise and be married to someone very different than you. Sending you good thoughts and feel better now. 🙂

  3. Olga Says:

    You have nailed it. No one is perfect and we really don’t have a chance of changing another person. (Even if we know it would be for the betterment of all mankind) 80% of 34 years is a great run, in my book.

  4. Christine Says:

    so glad to hear you are back on track Gigi! 80% compatibility which is probably high! (to look at the good side). My husband and I both tend to be on the frugal side.

  5. granny annie Says:

    I did not comment because it was a difficult one to address. My one thought is that if you have not seen and endocrinologist, I would strongly suggest that you do. It is amazing how much easier it is to accept the things around us once we have had a complete study done of our blood and found imbalances that can be treated and change our lives and how we perceive things.

  6. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Yes, I think you struck a cord with many people. You are not alone, that’s for sure. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone is the same person when they are sunny one minute and cloudy the next.

  7. Tom Sightings Says:

    Count your blessings, exactly, for as they say: Pobody’s nerfect!

  8. Suzanne Says:

    34 years is quite a long time. That is impressive. 80% is a high percentage.

  9. DeniseinVA Says:

    I agree, no one on this earth is perfect but counting ones blessings is so important and it looks like you are doing that. I wish you and David the very best in life.

  10. LC Says:

    Prickly partners are a challenge. It takes courage and generosity to appreciate and reinforce the good while forgiving the hurtful. Bravo for you for trying.

    From experience: Beware letting bitterness take root. For me, the only way to overcome it was as a bitter thought or emotion took hold, I mentally asked a blessing on the person for the good in him and the good God worked through him, even if in the throes of bitterness I didn’t feel there was any good.

    I expected God to change the other person. Instead He changed me, and I enjoyed more harmony. Eventually there were changes in us both altho neither of us is free of flaws. Will continue keeping you and David in my prayers.

  11. Linda Reeder Says:

    I’m glad to see that you have settled down. Yes, count your blessings, and consider how much having your life partner for the rest of your life means to you.

  12. mageb Says:

    You aren’t at all alone. Sometimes it’s really hard to count blessings, but keeping a gratitude list sure helps life.

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