Lucky us!

Grab bars 002-A

Two new grab bars in our shower.

David finally agreed that grab bars were necessary to prevent us from falling and hitting our head in the tub.  There already is a vinyl mat to prevent slipping, but we decided to do more.  Better to be safe than sorry.

He purchased two 18 inch grab bars at Home Depot for $24 each.  Then, he hired Robert, who is a carpenter, to install them.  Since we use the shower feature exclusively, we wanted the bars rather high on the walls.  David said that tubs are for little children, but most adults prefer to take showers, instead.

We thought Robert did a good job with the installation.

He asked us if we had a tenant for our unit.  We replied that we only had to run our ad for one day and got a tenant immediately.  Robert was amazed.  He said that his friend has been running her ad for two months and still doesn’t have a tenant.

Lucky us! I am so grateful that we are doing so well.

12 Responses to “Lucky us!”

  1. Olga Says:

    You are smart to take precautions before an accident happens. And, obviously, you have some persuasive powers with David (better keep him). 😉

  2. Tom Sightings Says:

    Grab bars are good … I like your shower curtain too, it’s cute!

  3. Joanne Says:

    Grab bars are good. I changed out the tub for a shower stall thirty years ago. I’ve never needed the grab bar. But at hotels I have to think through how I’m going to get out of the shower over the tub wall. Sometimes scary.

  4. DJan Says:

    Nice job indeed. I think they are essential in any shower.

  5. dkzody Says:

    Grab bars are a great thing to have for all ages. We don’t have any but should have them installed. I would really like to remodel our master bath, though, before then. The fiberglass pan should be replaced. As for a bathtub,

    I love to take a hot bath and soak for awhile after a really tiring day. I almost always use the tub in a hotel when we are traveling because I am so tired by the end of the day.

  6. Christine Says:

    Grab bars are a good thing Gigi! And you did all your homework right when you rented your room out, and it paid off!

  7. Kay G. Says:

    Grab bars, such a good idea!
    I have a trash can for my bathroom with the same design as your shower curtain! 🙂

  8. Beatrice P. Boyd Says:

    Glad to read that David rook back his earlier objections and that now yiu have the shower bars installed as precautions.

  9. palolo Says:

    Did David or you pay for the grab bars and the carpenter? I hope David is being extra nice to his wife.

  10. Hank Chapin Says:

    I have a grab bar. The thing is, if there is soap on my hands, it is impossible to get a solid grip. I avoid washing my hands in the shower or use a washcloth to wipe them. I need to get a vinyl or rubber mat like you have.

  11. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Those grab bars will save David’s life after he has his surgeries.

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