One way to become senile

Spathiphyllum 002-A

Spathiphyllum: a plant I bought at Home Depot last week.  The anthurium that sat on the coffee table had grown so tall and ungainly that I discarded it and bought the Spathiphyllum.  There was no sense in planting the anthurium outside, as it would not have tolerated the bright sunlight.  Both plants like the shade or indoors.  It’s such a pleasure to see a pretty, new plant on our coffee table.

David has been feeling bored lately.  He is considering taking a series of tax preparation classes at H&R Block either this year or next year.  Even if he is not hired as a tax preparer, he looks forward to learning something more about tax law.  He does not think we will have to pay taxes for 2014 due to the business expenses incurred for our rental unit.  For example, 1/3 of our electric, water and cable bills can be deducted.  The monthly yard bills as well as home insurance and property tax can be deducted according to a fraction of the square footage of the house.  In addition, we can deduct the cost of furnishing the rental unit and changing the sliding doors and carpet. There is so much to learn about tax law!

David said he might start his own blog, titled “David’s World.”  If he does, I’ll include his link on my blog roll.  I encouraged him to take his Sony camera and photograph flowers in the neighborhood.  His camera cost $600 but it sits on the shelf, rarely used.  This is so ironic, because I use my $86 camera all the time.  Why in the world did he buy such an expensive camera?  He should make use of it and practice composing his shots.  Maybe, he could even include photography in his blog!

It’s important to be creative.  Don’t accept passive entertainment as a way of life, i.e. watching television all day.  That’s one way to become senile, isn’t it?

19 Responses to “One way to become senile”

  1. Christine Says:

    All good thoughts today Gigi, beautiful new plant!

  2. DJan Says:

    I think writing for my blogs has helped me to stay involved in the larger community, and I enjoy taking pictures. If David’s camera uses film, he needs to get a digital one. I love my $200 camera and am thinking of upgrading. 🙂

  3. Olga Says:

    I so agree. Being creative is one of the keys. You are so right to encourage David to get out there!

  4. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    What passes for entertainment varies from person to person. I find TV, with rare exceptions, extremely boring. I like programs that make me laugh, but they are few and far between. Mostly, I read these days.

    We did some garden work yesterday, slowly slowly. I have PT until mid-Ocober, then flying to CA to see my son and his family.

    I hope David finds an outlet for his creativity. It takes a while to adjust to retirement, especially for men. My David held a job until he was 72. Now he mostly helps me with my garden and animals, although he still attempts some home repair from time to time.

    As for taxes, when we pay them we are always in the lowest tax bracket. Our days of drawing big salaries are behind us.

  5. Jeanie Says:

    I wish I knew an answer for how to prevent senility but being physically and mentally active seems like a good way to try.
    That is great that your rental unit will be so helpful with your taxes.

  6. granny annie Says:

    I do all the pictures for the church with my little camera that cost under $100.

  7. Hank Chapin Says:

    Spathe is a very satisfactory house plant.

  8. DeniseinVA Says:

    I hope David opens a blog, I would enjoy seeing his photos and other things he would like to put on there. One of the things I have heard and my Dad used to swear by it, was learning another language was good mental gymnastics. He was learning German when he passed away and doing very well at it.

  9. Cathy Says:

    Use it or lose it – mind and body – good advice for anyone – especially those in retirement.!
    Get out and mix with others – see what the world has to offer – all thoughts of senility will vanish.

  10. mageb Says:

    Yes, and it’s important to keep learning too.

  11. L...w Says:

    I always thought you had to portion expenses by sq footage, but I learned something new…that you can go by no. of people. It seems to be a far better ratio than going by sq ft., since the master bedroom is probably not 1/3 of your total home. Also, wonder how reverse mortgage affects the adjusted cost basis used for depreciation deduction (assuming it is the lesser of FMV and will be what is used to calculate the deduction.) Maybe not since reverse mortgage is treated like a home equity loan in other tax related matters.

  12. L....w Says:

    I agree that depreciation is not an easy calculation. I once read that if you don’t take the deduction when you are eligible you will still have to recapture it when the property is sold. Because the deduction has to be figured only for the rental part of building value and based on the lesser of adjusted cost vs FMV, it is a pain not worth bearing regardless. Tax laws change so frequently maybe it is no longer true for rental or business use of part of your home.

  13. L....w Says:

    I lost my earlier post….I hit the back button by accident. I think you have to recapture depreciation once it is deemed eligible however I am not sure if you have a choice to be eligible in the first place. That part of the law might have changed. Last year business use of your home deductions changed to include a safe harbor deduction of $5 per square ft that would include the pesky depreciation deduction, but you can still choose to go actual on some years o not.

  14. L....w Says:

    Sorry…typing on my kindle so lots of typo. What I’m saying is it is less clear and almost a matter of choice to be eligible or not. Seems like the tax bureau recognizes the difficulties with part of home deductions. Sorry for repeating myself

  15. Beatrice P. Boyd Says:

    Good advice, Gigi, to David and anyone else. We don’t watch TV and yet never run out of things to keep us busy. Volunteering is also a good way to get involved and active.

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