Surgery canceled

Foster Village 011-A

Hawaii: Bougainvillea (Photo by David).

I have some good news to report.  David found a buyer for his two clarinets and was overjoyed to receive a check for $1,400 for them.  Now, he intends to have his car repaired at the auto body shop near the airport.  The fender and bumper need to be fixed.

Another bit of good news:  We were able to change our subscription tickets for the Hawaii Symphony concerts from the balcony to the orchestra level.  It cost a lot more, but we are so glad that we will be seated on the left side and will therefore be able to see the keyboard when a piano soloist performs.  We decided to make this switch because of David’s arthritis.  Frankly, at our age, we should not be going up and down the balcony.  We are little, old people who should creep on the ground rather than climb an arduous bunch of steps.

Speaking of arthritis, David has decided to cancel his total knee replacement surgery.  His medication (Clomid – Clomiphene Citrate), which was prescribed by his urologist to boost his low testosterone, has resulted in stronger leg muscles, which means he can stand up and walk with ease.  His motto is:  If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

The funny thing about this medication is that its original purpose was to treat infertility in women.  Now, it is also prescribed to help men with Low-T.  Bottom line:  David is more energetic and much stronger.  There is no need for surgery at this time.

Good news, indeed.

19 Responses to “Surgery canceled”

  1. granny annie Says:

    It all sounds good. Happy for David to get to pass up on the surgery. I go Tuesday for steroid shots to attempt to put off hip replacement surgery due to severe arthritis. Hope that works for me.

  2. Olga Says:

    Good news all around! I would not agree with your “little old people” assessment, but you both enjoy the orchestra. You deserve to sit where you will get maximum enjoyment.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    That is great news all around. Congrats!

  4. DJan Says:

    Yes, I think that is really good news, all of it. Congratulations to David for selling those clarinets, and being able to cancel that knee operation! 🙂

  5. Jeanie Says:

    You are not that old but the orchestra seats will be a nice treat for you. That is great that David was able to cancel his surgery.

  6. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    That is good news indeed. I love serendipity!

    I know about balconies. We had seats in the balcony at the Opera House in the Kennedy Center. They told us not to stand during the singing of the Alleluia Chorus for the Messiah. I think there was a fear someone would topple out of the balcony. We always stood, however, and no one fell.

    Ps I loved the front row balcony seats for ballet and opera performances.

  7. Joanne Says:

    Very good, news, indeed.

  8. Christine Says:

    David takes lovely photos! Such great news about that medicine too!

  9. Cathy Says:

    With my luck in picking seats I usually end up with a ‘big head’ blocking my view – so it’s front row balcony (any level will do) or the outside end of a side aisle these days. If I can’t choose I’d rather not go!
    Does David ever try close ups (macro) so he can capture all the ins and outs of the flowers he is photographing?

  10. mageb Says:

    WOW….but you are not that old in today’s terms.

  11. Linda Reeder Says:

    Good for David! Now with his stronger legs, he needs to keep moving so that he stays strong.

  12. L...w Says:

    Keep up with the PT exercises too…I’m sure it made a difference.

  13. Tom Sightings Says:

    Hey, sometimes those unintended consequences are good ones! I wish him best of luck with that knee — but, you know, now that he’s on those pills, he’d better make sure to, er, ya know, use some protection!

  14. Linda Starrl Says:

    so happy for all the good news, a great motto, don’t fix it unless it’s broken

  15. dkzody Says:

    Hope David can keep moving and getting stronger. I remember you posted pics of him doing exercises so I’m sure those have helped, too.

  16. Musings Says:

    That’s wonderful news! Anytime you can avoid surgery sounds great. I hope his knees keep feeling good.

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