2 cars and 6 tickets

Foster Village 019-A

Hawaii: Bird of Paradise (photo by David).

plants Home Depot 006-A

Hawaii: Anthuriums (photo by Gigi).

David used a Sony camera for the top photo, and I used a Canon PowerShot camera for the bottom one.  Which photo is better?  I think both are good.  However, the Sony takes clearer photos of people’s faces at a distance.

On another note, I give thanks that we have two cars.  My aunt advised me to get rid of one in order to save money, but I think that would be foolish.  The other day, David took his Toyota Camry to the auto body shop to have his fender and bumper repaired.  I followed him in my Hyundai Accent and after he dropped off his car, I drove us back home.  What would we have done without my car?  No loaners were available at the shop.

And remember when my battery died at Aiea Medical Building last month?  David came over in his car and jump started my battery.  So, again, it was to our benefit to own two vehicles.

I am grateful that we have clean abstracts and therefore pay low premiums for auto insurance.  A friend of mine was caught speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.  Whoa!  Her insurance premium is triple mine, even though five years have elapsed since her arrest.

During my lifetime, I have received only two tickets.  One was for jaywalking in 1978, and the other ticket was for blocking the intersection in the 1990s.

David has had four tickets.  The first was for clipping another car in the 1960s.  The second was for not stopping completely at an intersection in the 1970s.  The third was for driving with an open bottle of beer in the car in 2010.  And the fourth was for distracted driving (holding a cell phone) in 2014.

Needless to say, we are more cautious now.


25 Responses to “2 cars and 6 tickets”

  1. Olga Says:

    Cars have become a fact of life for most of us. Living in a rural area which lacks any kind of public transportation, I would be lost without my car–or a burden to family and friends.

  2. DJan Says:

    Even though I’m retired, hubby and I each have our own car. We are used to it, although I hardly drive it, preferring to ride the bus if I can. 🙂

  3. Jeanie Says:

    One of our cars was in for repair for a couple of days and it was crazy how much juggling we had to do to with just one car. We are both very used to coming and going as we please….and that requires two cars.

  4. Christine Says:

    it is great to be able to have 2 cars in today’s society. Love both photos! The first one does seem to have a bit sharper focus.

  5. granny annie Says:

    You really put us on the spot when you ask which photograph is better. lol

  6. Joanne Says:

    Remember when families generally had one car? Now we’re outfitted down the the teenagers.

  7. dkzody Says:

    Public transportation in Fresno is terrible, and we live too far out to get to a bus stop. When we were in San Francisco for 15 months, we only kept one car in the city (it cost $375 a month to garage it) and didn’t drive in the city but rather took Muni, BART, and CalTrain. We talked about selling Terry’s car as it is very old, but we didn’t. Now that we are back in Fresno, with a 2-car garage, it is very convenient to have two cars. Both of ours are paid for but even though Terry’s is old, the registration is still high.

  8. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I had one ticket for speeding in a 35mph zone near the hospital. David ran a red light and was caught on camera. The ticket came to me because he was driving my car. Two other times I was stopped by cops but either beat the ticket by going to court, or talked the cop around. Otherwise, all traffic incidents involving me were caused by someone else.

    Regarding cameras…hard to tell. My cell phone is a Sony camera, and it gets pretty good photos. No good close up shots, however.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      It was good that you were able to persuade the cops to not give you a ticket. Over here in Hawaii, the cops have to fill a quota so it is rare that you can talk them out of it.

  9. DeniseinVA Says:

    Living in our area you really need a car to get around. With the park and rides many people need to get dropped off at them to catch a bus or they would be walking a very, very long way to get to them. I suggested to Gregg after he retired that we sell one of our vehicles but he thought we might need that extra one. He was right, I’ve lost count of the times when we would have been really stuck without a second car. As for tickets, yes we have each had a couple in the past, but none for a long time thank goodness. We are usually very cautious and law abiding as far as following the traffic rules. It’s a hard choice to choose between your photos, they both look lovely.

  10. Suzanne Says:

    I think having an extra car is good. We have lived with one car but it is not very convenient.

  11. Juicy J Says:

    To be fair to David he wasn’t driving with the open bottle of beer, he was parked at McDonald’s!

    • gigihawaii Says:

      David bought the bottle of Heineken from 7-11, drank part of it in the parking lot, then drove onto the street with part of the beer left in the bottle. That’s when the cops nabbed him – on the street.

  12. Bella Rose Says:

    I was ticketed for jaywalking in Roslyn, VA in 1984. I was walking to work from the metro. I was in a crosswalk, no cars approaching, but the pedestrian light was not flashing the white image of the pedestrian walking. I was so shocked when an officer asked me for my license on the opposite street corner.

  13. Linda Reeder Says:

    We still have two cars, although we seldom use the mini-van anymore. But it sure is handy when we need it.

  14. L...w Says:

    Did you record each ticket in a journal lol? I can’t remember when I had my tickets. One sticks out in my memory…an officer tagged me for speeding. I was the last car trailing the rest. in my defense I told him I was going the same speed as the others, so why aren’t the other cars ticketed too? He said he can only ticket one car at a time. Then he looked behind me and saw 10 bags of something stacked on my back seat. He asked what they were and I told him rabbit food. He laughed that I bought so much and then said he had to look up my history. He was nice after that and let me off with just a verbal warning. Those bags of rabbit food saved me, glad the officer had a sense of humor.

  15. Nancy Says:

    Aloha Gigi!

    BTW – I love your blog. You remind me of my mom and me in some of your stories. Reading about your dining experiences makes me take notes on where I want to take my family when I visit them. Also I like the pointers on your reverse mortgage. Someday I will return to Hawaii to retire but for now, we have about 20 more years to go. Hopefully sooner but waiting to see where life takes us here.

    I used to get stopped by HPD for speeding all the time but cops would issue me warnings. I always apologized and maybe they felt sorry for me. I was also given a speeding warning and a moving violation on Hickam AFB but since I was a Navy wife at that time, they would just forward the warning to my husband’s commander. Of course, he was embarrassed when that would happen. My family and friends thought I had some kind of speed shield on me since I never got an actual ticket to pay any kind of fines. Well, that luck expired last year because as I was going to work on Ft Meade in Maryland, I decided to pass some slow poke in front of me that was going like 10 mph. Well an MP was hiding somewhere and gave me a ticket! Cost me $460 because I was speeding in a work zone. Trust me, after that costly fiasco, learned my lesson! And YES to 2 cars in the household! Especially if you live in the mainland, it’s mandatory. I mean, you still have to drive to the Metro here.

  16. LC Says:

    If you are both drivers, two cars are not only convenient, as your experiences illustrate, but they also contribute to retirement sanity.

  17. Beatrice P. Boyd Says:

    Both photos are good, Gigi, the Sony and Canon cameras and especially the ohotographers did good jobs. I have had 1 ticket for speeding in my driving lifetime, so far. We have 2 cars and currently luve in a rural area with no public transportation so they are needed. But more than that, we each like our own independence.

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