What’s happening

plants Home Depot 010-A

Hawaii: Gigi’s photo of flowers at Home Depot.

Lisa called early yesterday to tell me that she will be spending Christmas break with us, after all. That’s good news.  There’s still a chance her next clinical rotation will send her to Utah or Texas, but she thinks she will be able to handle the move, if necessary, when she returns to Nevada after Christmas.

I sure hope she has been working on her doctoral thesis and has been studying for her national board exam. Focus, Lisa, focus!

I asked her if she had thought of settling in Hawaii after graduating next year. She replied, “I want to stay on the mainland, because I want to be my own person.”

Well, maybe she will change her mind after she gets married and has children. It will be nice to have all of our grandkids located on this island, and I am willing to babysit.

I enjoy being a grandma.

18 Responses to “What’s happening”

  1. granny annie Says:

    If only we could all have our grandchildren within a 100 mile radius at least:)

  2. DJan Says:

    You are fortunate to have some of them close by. I understand wanting not to have your children too far away, though. And I would have been a loving grandma, too, but I never got the chance. 😦

  3. Christine Says:

    It’s hard not knowing where kids will end up….you are lucky to have your grandkids nearby.

  4. Joanne Says:

    we have to reinvent ourselves, too, when they grow up.

  5. DeniseinVA Says:

    I know of people who move away from where they grew up and later on in life feel the pull of it and move back. I hope this will be the case for you. I know how much you love your grandchildren and what a great grandmother you are.

  6. Grannymar Says:

    Give your daughter her wings and the key to your heart, thus allowing her to stretch and grow while she is young free and single. We do not own our children, we only ever have a lend of them!

  7. mageb Says:


  8. Olga Says:

    You are a great grandma to the grandchildren you have. My guess is that your Lisa will be her own person no matter where she lives.

    My family is scattered and it is difficult to get everyone together at one time and place, but so precious when it does happen.

  9. tom sightings Says:

    LOL … first you’re your own person; then you get married and have kids — and goodbye to your own person. But no worry. Being your own person is overrated anyway.

  10. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    You could write a song…..I enjoy being a grandma. My kids are all over the place. Connie is closest. If Lisa stays on the mainland, you will have an excuse to travel.

  11. Linda Starr Says:

    a doctorate,congrats to her and all her hard work, her plate is full and after it is all said and done she may have a change of thought.

  12. marmeladegypsy Says:

    Good for her! Quite an accomplishment. And I understand her desire to stay on the mainland — or rather to be her own person. She may find she’d like to come back, someday…but she has to find out on her own.

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