My 50th high school class reunion

David and I attended my 50th high school class reunion Saturday night.  This is a photo of those classmates attending the party in Honolulu:

50th class reunion 001-A

I met many classmates.

Reid Kimoto. He was the star quarterback, who led our football team to many victories.  He now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada:

50th class reunion 011-A

Geraldine Britten. She received her Ph.D. in Economics and currently resides in Australia:

50th class reunion 012-A

Mary Miho (left) and Leilani Adams (center). Mary was our Student Body President and lives on the Big Island.  Leilani lives on Oahu:

50th class reunion 002-A

More than 180 people attended the reunion luau, where Hawaiian cuisine was served:

50th class reunion 005-A

Some of us danced to “YMCA” by the Village People:

50th class reunion 022-A

I received a copy of our Memory Book, which contains photos and biographies of classmates (deceased and alive).  It’s interesting to see what some of us have done since graduating from high school.

This is my bio page (current and high school pictures):

50th class reunion 024-A

My eyes are semi-closed, because I was taking a “selfie” with my camera aimed at the mirror.

David and I had so much fun! We are looking forward to David’s 50th class reunion, coming up in three years.  Yup, he graduated from the same high school.

22 Responses to “My 50th high school class reunion”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Such a large class! But such a pleasure to see old faces.

  2. DJan Says:

    How wonderful! I love all the pictures. That was indeed a very large class, Gigi! Thanks so much for sharing with me. 🙂

  3. Grannymar Says:

    A class of 500? The year I left school (1965) we had fifteen girls in the class. It was an all female school.

  4. Olga Says:

    That was a huge class, but how interesting that people came from near and far for the reunion.

  5. LC Says:

    What a wonderful experience! My 50th will be next year. We missed Husband Walter’s 50th. We were on a trip to the West Coast.

  6. Christine Says:

    wow it’s great that it was so well attended and to catch up with everyone!

  7. tom sightings Says:

    Looks like a great turnout … bet you had fun! I went to my 25th; not sure if I wanna go to another one.

  8. Linda Reeder Says:

    I’m glad you had a good time.

  9. Granny Annie Says:

    How nice that you and David attended the same school. He must have known as many people as you. I am looking forward to my 50th in October.

  10. dkzody Says:

    Wow, 500 graduates. My class had 99. Good turnout, too, for your class. I went to my 10 year reunion and that was it. The class never did another one which is quite okay with me. I’ve lost track of all of them and really have nothing in common any more except that we went to the same high school. I knew most of my classmates for 4 years so there’s not much there to connect.

  11. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Perhaps you will see some of the same people at David’s reunion. Glad you had fun.

  12. DeniseinVA Says:

    Great photos and your reunion must have been very enjoyable seeing old friends. Glad to hear you had such a good time.

  13. Suzanne Says:

    What fun. I keep missing mine but hope to go one day. The pictures were fun to see.

  14. Beatrice P. Boyd Says:

    I attended my hih school’s 25th reunion years ago and it was also good to see former classmates. Over the years, I have kept in touch with only 2 and doubt there will be a 50th reunion as the school, a parochial high school, closed many years ago and is many states away.

  15. mageb Says:

    What a lot of fun that looks like. 🙂

  16. Musings Says:

    Oh my! What a lot of fun to see how everybody lived their lives. Love your haircut, by the way.

  17. marmeladegypsy Says:

    We’re at 45. I think 50th will be really interesting! I’m so glad you had a good time — it looks like tons of fun!

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