My first experience with snow

Xmas tree 001-A

We purchased this tree in an urn last Christmas, because the previous tree was too big and bushy for that corner of the room.  Now, I am debating whether or not to decorate this tree in an urn.  For some reason, I just am not in the mood.  Fortunately, it came with lights, berries, and pine cones already tied to the branches.

Some of my blog friends have been hit with the first snow storm of the season.  Snow is something I don’t miss, because I always associate snow with bitter cold weather.  I had enough white Christmases in Europe and New York City (1969-1975) to last a lifetime.  Give me balmy Hawaii any day.

For you new readers who have not heard this anecdote before:  I remember the first time I experienced snow.  I was in Zurich, Switzerland in November 1969 (on my solo trip around the world), when I looked out the window and said, “Why is the rain so white?”

An elderly woman replied, “Haven’t you seen snow before?  Go outside and taste it.”

I went out on the deck and stuck out my tongue.  “Well,” I said, “it sure doesn’t taste like sugar.”

And that was my first experience with snow.  What was yours like?

17 Responses to “My first experience with snow”

  1. Alan Says:

    Maybe decorating that tree is something you can share with your grandchildren?

  2. Olga Says:

    Funny story. I can’t remember my first experience with snow. That would be like remembering my first experience with breathing. I do have a picture of myself at five months old or so, completely bundled and propped in a sled outfitted with a seat that my grandfather had attached. That was probably my first experience.

  3. DeniseinVA Says:

    I don’t think I have ever heard the story of your first experience with snow before. I can’t remember what my first experience with snow was. The first ‘real’ snow as I call it for me was when I went on skiing holidays with friends when I was in my early 20’s. We went to the Austrian Alps and I remember being very surprised that it was such a dry snow that you could sit in it without getting wet, and was it ever beautiful, beyond words. Your tree looks pretty without the decorations. The lights make it very festive.

  4. Joanne Noragon Says:

    Snow always was a given. Still is.

  5. Grannymar Says:

    We get the soggy variety most winters – pretty while it is falling, but soon turns to slush or ice and not a pretty sight.

  6. Christine Says:

    it was magical. I enjoyed lots of tobagganing and ice skating at one time.

  7. tom sightings Says:

    I don’t remember my own first experience — probably when I was six months old. But I do remember when my friend David moved from L.A. to our little neighborhood in the New York suburbs, in second grade. He saw his first snowflakes, just bout this time of year, and I still remember how he ran around his backyard shouting and screaming and trying to catch the flakes in his mouth. He was truly amazed!

  8. Linda Reeder Says:

    In the coastal Pacific Northwest, snow is a sometimes thing. Some years we don’t have any. this year we’ve already had a light snowfall.
    I don’t know when I first experienced snow, but I do remember a very deep snow out on our small farm in the Willamette Valley in Oregon when I must have been about five years old. There were also huge icicles hanging from the roof of our uninsulated house. Of course we always made snowmen, which we could do with Oregon snow because it has high moisture content so it packs well.

  9. Granny Annie Says:

    I have been acquainted with snow my entire life but last winter was my first REAL encounter. Living alone and having to go out in the winter blasts to care for the property and critters was a life changing experience. Hopefully I am better prepared for this winter. If not I’m headed to your place:)

  10. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    You are too funny. I like the slender tree in an urn. Looks very nice in your living room…go for it.

  11. dkzody Says:

    I love your tree. We got a small, live, table top version this year.

    I am not a snow bunny because I HATE to be cold. 60 degrees is too cold for me!

  12. Hauola Says:

    Sledding and toboggan riding and ice skating were staples of a childhood in southeastern Connecticut. I have memories of playing in the snow from probably the kindergarten years and on. No doubt my parents had us out in the snow before my recollections though! As a long time Pacific NW dweller I appreciate the beauty of our infrequent snowfall.

  13. Bella Rose Says:

    I was in Tennessee sledding with my uncle. I thought the snow was grand until I fell off the sled and felt how cold and wet the snow was.

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