We had a great time at the Willows on Christmas.  The buffet was excellent and very satisfying.  Some of us went wild over the crab and lobster.  We love the Willows because of its ambiance.

Here we are:  (From left) Charles’ girlfriend Toni, Pat’s son Charles, my granddaughter Julia, my daughter Maria, David, me, my grandson Rylan, Maria’s husband Grant, my daughter Lisa, Pat’s daughter Kanani, and my sister in law Pat:

Willows 010-A

Lisa, Julia, and Rylan:

Willows 022-A

All eleven of us:  (Top row) Grant, Maria, David, me, Lisa, Kanani, and Toni.  (Bottom row) Rylan, Julia, Charles, and Pat:

Willows 027-A

It was pleasant getting together with my brother’s family for Christmas.  I often think about Dathan and wish he were still alive.  He passed away in 2003.

Life is short, isn’t it?

10 Responses to “Christmas”

  1. palolo Says:

    I wish you would post pictures of the food you ate at the willows. I have never eaten their buffet, but I hear good things about the restaurant.

  2. Jan Says:

    Merry Christmas! It looks like it was a wonderful gathering. Your adorable grandkids are growing so fast! 🙂

  3. Olga Says:

    You have such a beautiful family. This looks to have been a marvelous celebration. You are quite blessed.

  4. DeniseinVA Says:

    A lovely family gathering Gigi. The photos are wonderful!

  5. Christine Says:

    So glad you had a wonderful time! And crab and lobster sounds fantastic!

  6. dkzody Says:

    Such a nice family gathering, and at a restaurant, too. Very smart. I’m glad that you include your sister-in-law and family. Often, after a death, the family splinters away. Or, at least, that’s what has happened in my family.

  7. cloudia Says:

    Best Wishes!

  8. Joanne Noragon Says:

    You can’t lose David in that crowd; just look up. A wonderful time is good!

  9. Linda Reeder Says:

    I’m enjoying reading about and seeing how everybody celebrated Christmas. After the last two days, the no cooking part of yours appeals to me!

  10. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    I like you are front and center in the last photo. Happy New Year.

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