Neighbors and beverages

Is this a crane or is this a bulldozer?  I say crane, but David says bulldozer.  Hmmm.

bull dozer 001-A

bull dozer 002-A

Yup, our neighbors are finally having their house re-built, two months after a devastating fire totaled it.  Good luck and best wishes to them.

We are not friends with all of our neighbors, but we are not enemies, either.  Mostly, we keep to ourselves and mind our own business.

However, we have invited a few neighbors over to our home for dinner and have enjoyed their company.  These guests are very old, in their 90s, so I never serve alcohol to them.  I would not want them to trip and fall when they exit my home after dinner.

I used to serve sparkling cider, but some of my guests didn’t care for it.  I now serve apple juice, which doesn’t have that bite to it that cider has.

For my big party coming up in March (a relative’s 72nd birthday), I intend to serve wine, beer, apple juice, Diet Coke, and bottled water.  So many people of all ages will be here, so I do have to offer more options.  No hard liquor, though.

Are you friends with your neighbors?  What types of beverage do you serve when you host a party?

16 Responses to “Neighbors and beverages”

  1. Olga Hebert Says:

    I have wonderful neighbors in VT and FL both, couldn’t ask for better. As for beverages, water is always on offer, tea (hot or iced, but never that sweet stuff). I usually have wine on hand–rarely beer since Mike passed away. I don’t always offer the wine unless I know that it is okay with everyone there. There are a lot of recovering alcoholics in my family. I will buy ginger ale, but it if you like other kinds of soda, best bring your own.

  2. Jan Says:

    We don’t entertain often, but when I did, I always served beer and wine along with nonalcoholic drinks. They were almost always parties of skydivers, and they wouldn’t have known what to think if I didn’t have any alcohol! 🙂

  3. Alan Says:

    I believe it is a backhoe. The beverages we serve vary greatly based on the guests, occasion, and time of day. I always have wine or sake on hand and will purchase beer if I know guests will enjoy it. I also have several bottles of quality hard liquor if the occasion (rarely) warrants it.

  4. DeniseinVA Says:

    I thought a backhoe also. It depends on who are coming that finally decides the beverage I serve, that and the time of day. Also considering if they are driving or not. I enjoy an occasional glass of wine with friends but even one glass makes me sleepy. One reason I don’t drink alcohol very much.

  5. dkzody Says:

    We know our neighbors and are friendly with all but one who we believe runs a drug business out of the garage. I have called the police on the house many times. Only one person seems to remain a steady tenant there and she has very bad taste in her companions, most of whom are on parole.

    When I applied to be a school chaplain, I had to undergo the same background check as a police officer does. All of the neighbors were questioned about me but I had to first name my neighbors. The police wanted to make sure I knew my neighbors. They are looking for friendly, outgoing people for these positions.

  6. Grannymar Says:

    I’m with David, it is a bullldozer. Two months is pretty fast to clear through any insurance claim, have plans drawn up and passed by planning control.

  7. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Yes, that tool is a backhoe. Used to excavate. Lovely view beyond the empty lot. And Grannymar is right. Things don’t ordinarily move that fast.

    As for drink, we have tea parties in our neighborhood, except when the younger neighbors host a block party. We don’t attend those, however. Too much like a tailgate party and we don’t drink alcohol.

  8. Juicy_J Says:

    That’s a backhoe and you should serve whisky at your party.

  9. Christine Says:

    I say tractor definitely not a crane! lol. We talk to the neighbours on either side and in front, that’s about it, never had them over. We like the ones on the left side a bit more.

  10. beatrice p boyd Says:

    When we hosted family and friends in our VA home, we always served water and offered wine to those who wanted it and we always had some soda for other friends. We rarely served beer and never hard liquor.

  11. tokyo5 Says:

    That machine is called an “excavator” in English, or 油圧ショベル in Japanese (which means “hydraulic shovel”).

  12. mageb Says:

    Back hoe. 🙂
    I used to have friends over for dinner often, but not now.

  13. Linda Reeder Says:

    That piece of machinery is a backhoe, a digger.
    Beverages depend on the occasion. For my birthday bash last summer I served tea and coffee and raspberry coolers for the afternoon tea. For the family BBQ we had beer, wine, soda, water, and coffee.

  14. Granny Annie Says:

    Never question testosterone regarding construction equipment. I am pretty sure David is right. I know it is not a crane.

    You are wise not to serve alcohol to the elderly….unless it’s me:)

  15. Cathy Says:

    it would be called a backhoe, a digger or an excavator down here Gigi – but what’s in a name lol It’s just one of those big things they use on building sites 🙂
    We don’t so a lot of neighbourhood entertaining these days – there is only one set of neighbours left in the street that was living here when we moved in during 1972.
    At Family Gatherings I’ll provide tea coffee soft drinks etc (wine or beer for myself and The Golfer) and everyone else BYOs (brings their favourite tipple with them) so they are the ones who sort out the designated driver to take them home – not my responsibilty. My family aren’t big drinkers so there never seems to be a problem there.

  16. Musings Says:

    That’s so sad about the fire. I’m glad they’re able to rebuild. We do juice and pop.

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