Music brought us together

In 1972, David received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Hawaii.  This photo was taken sometime during the 1990s in our home:


This photo was taken in 1973 when I was 27 years old and attending Columbia University in New York City.  I was a musicology graduate student at the time:


In 1977, I joined the Karadeniz Folk Music Troupe in Hawaii and met David for the first time at a rehearsal:


I was dressed in this cute costume, sewn by my mother.  It was required for participation in Karadeniz, a Balkan folk music band that accompanied a group of folk dancers.  David also wore a costume, but I don’t have a photo of it.

After we got married, David and I rarely played our instruments due to lack of time.  Eventually, I sold my two violins and David sold his two clarinets.

Our older daughter, Maria, took piano lessons for several years, but she refused to continue after her teacher scolded her for not practicing.  Too bad, because Maria was a talented pianist.  This is Maria at a piano recital (1987 or 1988):


Our younger daughter, Lisa, preferred to play a wind instrument (recorder) in school.  This is a photo of Maria and Lisa in our home (1983):


When I noticed the piano becoming a catch-all for books and papers, I sold it and bought two book cases instead.

These days, my hobbies are blogging and cooking, whereas David likes to watch TV and exercise at the gym.

Our grandkids, Julia (age 7) and Rylan (age 5), can sing very well.  Maybe, someday, they will want to take up an instrument, too.

16 Responses to “Music brought us together”

  1. Jan Says:

    They certainly have the genetic background for it. Nice pictures of a long ago time, I really enjoyed seeing them. Now you have grandchildren who will continue to add so much pleasure to your lives today. 🙂

  2. SchmidleysScribbling Says:

    Lovely photos of your musical family. You could almost form a touring group. Perhaps your grandchildren will take up instruments?

  3. dkzody Says:

    I’m guessing it takes large amounts of time to practice to be able to keep up one’s musical skills. Raising a family can sure take lots of time, leaving little for our outside activities. I look back, when I was younger, though, and wonder how I got it all accomplished.

    In retirement, maybe you could return to your old love, playing a musical instrument. I bet your grandchildren would be thrilled to hear you play.

  4. Joanne Noragon Says:

    I think of all the musical instruments in our family, abandoned over time. If music is part of a child’s growing up, it’s good.

  5. DeniseinVA Says:

    Lovely photos! I always wanted to play the piano but the only teacher in the town was a woman who used to rap my sister’s knuckles hard every time she played a bad note. The lessons ended immediately.

  6. L....w Says:

    I am amazed how David went from music to accounting! A CPA to boot! Isn’t it so fateful how we meet our mates. Sometimes I think we’re no better or worse than other species lol

  7. Grannymar Says:

    Nice to learn a little more about your early life.

  8. Christine Says:

    Wonderful photos and memories! My kids played piano for awhile, we still have a good piano…taking up space.

  9. Keith Wynn Says:

    Music truly does bring us together in ways that few mediums can…

  10. Linda Reeder Says:

    If you had a violin, could you still play it, or have you lost that ability for lack of use? It is claimed that playing a musical instrument is an excellent way to stay mentally sharp. Maybe it would be worth taking it up again.

  11. Tom Sightings Says:

    I have no musical talent at all. But B does. And so does my son. And yet neither one of them plays very much anymore. I don’t understand. (Maybe you can explain it.) If people are good at it, and you enjoy it, I’d think you’d make time for it even if you’re busy — just like we make time to read, or go to movies, or play sports, if we’re interested in those things.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      I guess we are not interested enough to work at our craft. Playing a musical instrument takes a lot of mental and physical energy, and if you are not motivated to practice, then you just let it go.

      I find writing easier than playing the violin. This is why I don’t hesitate to write.

  12. Beatrice P Boyd Says:

    I can understand that you have moved onto other interests, Gigi. Years ago, I also played a musical instrument. It was a piano that my parents bought because they believed I would enjoy it. And, while I took lessons for several years, I stopped practicing and became disinterested, so it was sold.

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