Rylan’s May Day celebration

On May 1, we drove to the Pearl City Cultural Center to watch our grandson, Rylan, perform on stage at his preschool’s May Day celebration.  This was his first speaking part, and he did very well.

Rylan is the boy in the middle, uttering his wonderful words:

Rylan - May Day 013-A

And this is Rylan, posing with his “surfboard,” which was his prop on stage:

Rylan - May Day 015-A

Rylan never ceases to amaze me with his poise and charm.  He is a very fluent speaker for a boy his age (5 years).  I can imagine him being a successful trial attorney someday, and perhaps he should join the debate club in high school to get started.

What a great future lies ahead for our sweet grandson!

10 Responses to “Rylan’s May Day celebration”

  1. Joanne Noragon Says:

    I am happy the tradition of May Day is alive somewhere in this country. And good for Rylan, enjoying himself.

  2. Christine Says:

    wow, a speaking part! Well done Rylan!

  3. Jan Says:

    He definitely is smart and talented. Who knows where he’ll be in twenty years? 🙂

  4. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    Perhaps he will take up surfing? Just kidding. I’m sure he is a delight to his parents and grandparents and it seems like only yesterday you were trying to potty train him.

  5. Cathy Says:

    ‘They’ say, with age comes maturity Gog – seems to have worked with Rylan doesn’t it. He has certainly come into his own this past year Gigi

  6. Cathy Says:

    And I have no idea who Gog is – Gigi 🙂

  7. Olga Says:

    You are rightfully proud of that young man!

  8. dkzody Says:

    So delighted to see May Day still celebrated in some schools. It was such a big deal in the country school I attended as a child, but we had lots of Russian immigrants in the farming community that surrounded the school.

  9. Musings Says:

    What a cutie! I do know the teachers really break their necks to create a great show for all the family.

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