Drama on the plane

This is David, taking his temperature:

David - flu 002-A

My husband has the flu and has a fever, ranging from 101 to 103, which I have been treating with Tylenol and Advil and Nyquil.  He probably caught the germs in Las Vegas, while attending Lisa’s graduation.

David has bad memories of the round trip flight on Hawaiian Airlines.  When he got on the plane destined for Las Vegas, a strange woman was sitting in the seat next to his.  He called the flight attendant and said that he had paid for the two seats and though his wife was too sick to fly, he wanted both seats for himself.  The attendant told him that the airlines had canceled my tickets and that they had the right to re-sell the empty seat.  Well, David made such a scene, the woman was taken to a different seat, and David was allowed to have the two seats for himself.

When he got to the hotel in Las Vegas, David called HAL to clarify the situation.  He was told that his wife could use her tickets for one year after the date of purchase, but her seat would be sold to someone else.

Well, coming home, David accepted the fact that the Japanese man sitting in my seat had the legal right to do so.  He struck up a conversation with the man, who said he was 81 years old and was on his way back to Hawaii after spending six days gambling in Las Vegas.

This 81-year-old man had undergone two knee replacement surgeries at Kaiser Permanente in Hawaii.  Though the surgeries were successful, he still needed a wheelchair at the airport.

David is scheduled to have his left knee replaced on July 30 at Straub Clinic.  I hope the surgery improves his life significantly.  He will spend two nights in the hospital and then will face weeks of physical therapy.  It’s too bad that Lisa cannot be here to be his physical therapist, but she plans to remain in Las Vegas to start her career there.

Meanwhile, David has the flu.

14 Responses to “Drama on the plane”

  1. Linda Starr Says:

    oh no you didn’t get to go to Las Vegas? Hope David is doing better. I would be very lonely if Gary were gone, he is more gregarious than I am so I think he would do better than I would.

  2. Olga Says:

    I think of airplanes as germ incubators. I am always in fear of getting sick after a flight. Hope David feels better soon. Too bad he knows such a qualified physical therapist and can’t get the family discount!

  3. Jan Says:

    I do hope you can avoid catching it from David. I almost always catch something when I travel and was very fortunate to avoid it during my February trip to Turkey. Hope he’s feeling better soon. 🙂

  4. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    Poor David, I would raise a stink too. He purchased two seats and he’s a large man, so he needs his space. I could say something nasty about Hawaiian Airlines, but I won’t. The airlines are nobody’s friend these days.

    I hope David has better luck than I did. A year after knee surgery, I still have pain in my right (surgical) knee. I’m dragging my left leg because the right leg is 1/2 inch shorter, and also the stoke affected my left side. The broken toe is on the left foot. Poor me.

  5. Grannymar Says:

    Hope David recovers real soon.

  6. Linda Says:

    Gigi, I am so sorry to hear this! If you have some fresh ginger, you can peel it and slice it, and make some ginger tea for him with a little honey and lemon juice. These are natural antibiotics.

  7. Christine Says:

    Sheesh, I hope he feels better soon.

  8. Joanne Noragon Says:

    I wish the airline were more accommodating. As for David’s knee, if he follows his physical therapy routine, he will be fine. I suspect the old gentleman had some general weakness that prevented a long walk.

  9. Sylvia Thompson Says:

    Someone once told me putting vaseline in your nostrils prevents the germs from entering your system. Never tried it, but I’ve been using On Guard Protecting Throat Drops from the dOterra Essential Oils company I have become a distributor for. I’ll drop off some stuff for Dave and you. It’s anti-viral so it gets right inside the germs that anti-bacterials can’t.

  10. Beatrice P. Boyd Says:

    Too bad about David’s airline experience, and especially about coming home and getting sick. Good to know that you can use the ticket another time, but I would have had the same reaction if in the same situation. Hoping all will go well with both the knee surgery and recovery and know you will keep us uodated, Gigi.
    We hole David feels better soon. Grenville has also had a nasty sinue infection this week.

  11. DeniseinVA Says:

    Sorry to hear about David’s sickness. Speedy healing! I had the worst respiratory infection when we came home after traveling last year. It lasted four months and I had to have many doctor’s visits. I am convinced I either caught it at the hospital we visited after my f-in-law’s fall or on the plane coming back.

  12. Tom Sightings Says:

    Yikes, sounds like a miserable trip. Hope he has good luck with his knee — my sister had both of hers done, and she says it’s changed her life. She did say there was a lot of physical therapy, and that part was no fun. But she and her husband went on to hike the Camino de Santiago, and are doing it again this fall. And I just saw her two weeks ago … now she walks without a limp!

  13. palolo Says:

    The doctor will tell David that he should lose weight to help with his knee rehab. Is David over 200 lb. ?

  14. dkzody Says:

    Ah, airline travel is the best way possible to get sick! Breathing all those germs in that enclosed space for hours…hate it. I have also learned, through a dreadful bacterial illness, not to eat or drink anything onboard an airline. I try not to touch any surfaces either. There is also the joke that I don’t breath while in the airplane! If only!

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