The desire for money as gifts is crass


(These chocolate dipped strawberries make a great gift!)


I have been pondering the whole idea of gift giving.  My conclusion is that I will not give anyone any more money.

The desire for money as gifts is crass.  I give you $50.00 and you give me $100.00.  Will you feel cheated because you gave me $50.00 more than I gave you?  Or suppose I give you $20.00 and you give me $20.00.  What a wasted gesture!

So, no more monetary gifts whatsoever.

I prefer to buy or make my gifts.  My sister-in-law in Boston sends us homemade cookies.  In return, I send her Maui Caramacs, which she can’t get in Boston.  How wonderful it is to give and receive food as presents!

Macadamia nuts are healthy to eat.  I have been known to give those to my guests at my Christmas parties.

When I traveled to India in 2012, I returned to Hawaii, bearing gifts of silk scarves and neck ties and other Indian souvenirs for my family and friends.  That was a special gift for special people.

One thing I must not do is give a set of wine glasses to Mormons, as they do not drink alcohol.  There are some Mormons in my family.  No joke!

And restaurant gift cards and movie passes aren’t that great, either.  Many times, those gift cards and passes remain on people’s desks unused.  What a waste!

So, instead of money, I will give objects – things to eat, things to wear, things to put in your home, and things to play with.

Hope you all agree that the desire for money as gifts is crass.

10 Responses to “The desire for money as gifts is crass”

  1. Beatrice P. Boyd Says:

    Gigi, while I don’t disagree that giving a gift is preferable to $, there may be times when people could or want $. Recently, I have started sending flowers to friends for their bdays, which they seem to enjoy, but most of these people are either in my age bracket or older when “things” or more stuff is no longer needed. And, I have given gift cards to younger nieces to whom these would be more useful and because it is hard to know their preferences. In short, my choice of gifts depends on many factors.

  2. Olga Says:

    I sometimes give gifts of money or gift cards, but I really do enjoy picking out gifts that I think the person will enjoy. I certainly much prefer a small gift of chocolate or something homemade over money or gift certificates.

  3. Christine Says:

    I enjoy giving actual gifts, but I do give money if I feel they prefer that. Or there are the people who have everything…so sometimes a restaurant gift card, or if they read books, a book gift card. Actually I have a book gift card now that I have to use. That might not be the best gift for me.

  4. Jan Says:

    I like gift cards myself, because I will use them and am at the stage of life where I am giving things away rather than amassing more stuff. But giving money straight from one person to another might be a little off-putting. 🙂

  5. mmm Says:

    I don’t give many gifts anymore, I used to but people don’t say they even got the card with the gift or even say thank you at all..Where is their manners, plus we are retired and I am not a millionaire..I give the gift of time and effort, I make something for the person and deliver it to them, they seem to like that..With so many hungry and homeless in our area I pickup health and beauty items, toilet paper and soap and female stuff and hair products most need..We volunteer at a soup place and I cook, bake and put food into backpacks the gift cards enable people to get to target or Walgreens to pick up what they most need..but I don’t give stuff to wealthy people who don’t need anything really..The gift of time and love is precious one day a person is on this terrestrial the next in heaven or wherever we go after we live this earth, why not be kind & loving just not with money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aloha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mmm Says:

    After we leave this terrestrial, I just don’t get people who think things are more important than being loving, kind and welcoming, peace is possible if people remember we are all members of the human race and act accordingly-Give Peace A Chance I say!!!!!!!

  7. dkzody Says:

    I have been to the bank twice this month to get $100 bills to give as gifts. One was a high school graduation gift, the other an ordination gift. I also give cash for wedding gifts if I attend the wedding. Young people can always use cash.

    As for showers and other events that I attend, I usually give an object. I just gave a very nice bottle of wine to my friend who has left teaching. The others in the group went together and bought her a gift certificate to a spa. We gave her these at a luncheon that we hosted for her.

    Every gift is different, depending on the honoree and their needs.

  8. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    You are a very kind and thoughtful person. My grandchildren want money so that’s what they get from me, or did when they were younger. These days, I buy books, which they may or may not like. ( I buy the oldestt one yarn.) David and I stopped exchanging gifts. he always asks what do I want for my birthday, Christmas, etc., and I say nothing, I have everything. I buy him clothes throughout the year. If I didn’t he’s be naked or in rags.

  9. mm Says:

    Fathers day tomorrow got my hubs a brand new Norelco with another ad’s price at Target and got him some Hanes stuff he so needed on a big sale, used my 5% card to reduce it further..My hubs I try to honor each day, his Mom did not parent and his Dad was missing in action with nearly 9 kids he produced one passed from this life as a baby, one is developtmentally delayed and has worked his whole life the sweetest peach ever..we take care of him, the rest, drinkers, druggies and gamblers they most of them met an early demise, we paid for one’s cremation with the help of one sister who felt badly for my hubs being the oldest..It was horrible AIDS estranged but only my hubs and I who spoke and was around him, he drank and drugged it up too. Living an unathentic life that cost him his life early, but he knew and talked to us the night before he passed from this earth, we are done with funerals, etc..for life..We think one must be good to people in the here &now as the funeral business is huge in the mainland here in the USA and also gambling and drugs, we live only one life why muck it up with drugs, alcohol, and gambling..aloha

  10. marmeladegypsy Says:

    I do agree, more or less. The primary time I differ is when I know the money is truly needed. A couple is buying a house or pretty strapped and having a baby. Then I may do a gift card (which to me is the same thing) or give them a cash gift with the stipulation that it is “to go toward your new sofa” or whatever. I know a lot of people like gift cards — I do, too. And it’s good when people are out of town and you aren’t quite sure how their style (or size or colors) may have changed. But I almost always include something with it — something I have made or just something fun to open. It’s generally person-dependent with me, I suppose.

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