What the doctor said


Moanalua Valley, Oahu.  Photo by Ted Trimmer.

I saw my internist a few days ago and asked if the intermittent pain and tingling in my left arm and hand meant something was wrong with my heart.

She listened to my heart and told me to do certain tasks, such as pulling and pushing her fingers in front and in back of me.  She also asked me what I was doing when the pain started, whether I was sweaty or nauseous, how long this had been going on, and so forth.

Bottom line:  I am not so sick that I have to be admitted to the hospital at this time.

However, because of my history of chest pain and now shoulder pain, she wants to rule out heart disease.  She scheduled me for a Stress Echo  Treadmill test in four weeks.

I guess I have not had a heart attack yet.  Halleluia!

Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy my lifestyle.

What’s wrong with taking it easy?

12 Responses to “What the doctor said”

  1. Linda Starrl Says:

    glad you are ok, take it easy, although they do say to get exercise which I don’t always do,

  2. Olga Says:

    It is good that you followed up on that! Hoping all goes well.
    Nothing wrong with taking it easy.

  3. Christine Says:

    Good luck with that treadmill test. Let us know what you do for that.

  4. Jan Says:

    That test will help to rule out anything to worry about. I’m glad you’re following up and that your doctor is taking it seriously. 🙂

  5. Joanne Noragon Says:

    You are to be commended for staying on top of your health.

  6. Grannymar Says:

    Glad you are gettings sorted.

  7. Lorraine Says:

    It is always reassuring to have an EKG done and then the Echo will finish out the testing.

  8. Gwen Says:

    sounds like she’s on top of it, which is good. 🙂 Don’t take it too easy…walking is good for you, and will help open up arteries. 🙂

  9. happyforUboth!! Says:

    Better safe than worrying about this and that..I have type 2 diabetes the nurses warn me about everything..Mostly heart and kidney stuff I try to live a healthy lifestyle but I am getting old and my feet hurt and I am overweight I just do what I can and give the rest to the universe..No use worrying about everything and having a miserable life, I get vitamin b-12 shots and all my immunization shots up to date and walk and walk until I nearly pass out, it is good for the heart but I am not a young person anymore and I say enjoy one’s life peacefully, lovingly and happily! Aloha! Praying you don’t feel ill or the stress test EKG is not upsetting, love your blog!

  10. DeniseinVA Says:

    Wise to go get checked out and it looks like your doctor is taking care of you. Hope you’re feeling better by now.

  11. Beatrice Says:

    We are all glad that your dr is following up and hope that she determines the cause for your pain, Gigi. And, there is nothing wrong with taking it easy and enjoying life which you seem to handle very well.

  12. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    I’m so happy to hear you saw the doctor and she’s taking the precaution of having more tests done. Heary attacks in women are serious matters.

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