Crazy Thursday

Thursday was simply crazy.

First of all, I had to call the cable company to fix my desk top computer. I could not log on at all. They sent a technician to my home, and it was determined that my Samsung monitor had to be replaced. I had purchased it in December 2011. We have ordered an Acer 27 inch monitor from Costco that will arrive next week.

I am now typing on my Lenovo laptop, but cannot post photos for some reason.  I have photos of David in the hospital, but they will have to wait until I get my new desk top monitor.

I then visited David in the hospital. His surgery had lasted less than an hour. He was told the surgeon operated on another patient at the same time (double hip surgery). I was shocked to hear this. I hope he did not screw up David’s knee because he was distracted.

David called this morning to tell me the nurse had administered morphine so he could sleep better last night. He has been able to walk up and down the hall with a walker, but his leg is still stiff.  He has been told he has strong lungs due to daily swimming in the pool at the gym. His physical therapist worked with him yesterday after surgery and will be there again twice today.

When I came home after my visit, my house was quiet. I punched in my password on my security monitor and noticed that the kitchen window had triggered an alarm while I was gone. I noticed two messages on my phone, one from the alarm company and one from Maria regarding the alarm. A few minutes later, a police officer arrived. I told him that I would have to call the technician to fix the faulty wiring in my kitchen window. I think I am allowed two or three false alarms and then I will have to pay a fine to the police department. Anyway, I am glad the alarm company was able to end the siren by remote control, and the neighbors did not have to endure the piercing noise for very long.

And that’s my crazy Thursday.

12 Responses to “Crazy Thursday”

  1. DeniseinVA Says:

    I’m glad David’s surgery is over and wish him the speediest of recoveries. When my father-in-law was in hospital we loved one of the doctors he had – they all were really nice but this one was special. We did know that he had been on duty for three days running with very little sleep. I’m not sure if that is usual or not but he looked very, very bleery eyed and through it all he remained cheerful and very respectful and caring to my almost 95 year old father-in-law, and friendly and courteous to all of us. I was impressed.

  2. DeniseinVA Says:

    p.s. hope you get your computer problem sorted out and the alarm on the window.

  3. Jan Says:

    I’m glad the surgery is behind him now and that he is in recovery mode. I do hope you will be able to get your computer stuff fixed, and that’s a little scary about the false alarm. Well, if they come in threes you are all set! 🙂

  4. Christine Says:

    Wow the surgery went quickly, why is it all hell breaks loose at a time like this? Glad you are coping Gigi.

  5. Tom Sightings Says:

    Never heard of a doctor doing two surgeries at once … but all’s well that ends well. I’m sure he has a lot of PT ahead of him; but glad everything looks good.

  6. Kailani Says:

    That’s a lot to deal with at one time. :: hugs ::

    And I, too, never heard of a doctor doing two surgeries at once! Wow!

  7. Linda Reeder Says:

    Two surgeries at once? I guess that means he knows what he’s doing?
    That was an eventful day. The good thing is you got it all handled!

  8. dkzody Says:

    The multiple surgery is not a surprise here. I have heard that the best hip replacement surgeon in Fresno (and even the West Coast) has two operating rooms going at once, each room with two patients. There are so many patients and so few of these surgeons that they must do all they can to get the surgeries done in a timely manner. I’m sure David was in very good hands as it sounds like he’s recovering very well.

  9. BeatriceBeatrice P. Boyd Says:

    Gigi, you have had quite a lot for one day. Good to read that David’s surgery is over and hope the knee stiffness will dissipate with therapy. Too bad about the monitor going, but a 27-inch sounds great! If your alarm is as noisy as the fire alarms here, I can understand why you would want it to be turned off quickly!

  10. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    As David is twenty years younger than my David, I expect he will do well. I never heard of a surgeon working on two patients at the same time. How ridiculous. My surgeon and a couple of his fellow doctors recently traveled to Hawaii to perform joint operations. Did all the knees and hips in Hawaii go bad at once. Or have you had a huge influx of retirees? Good luck with everything. As my mom said, it never rains, but it pours? ❤️

  11. Olga Says:

    What a day. Quick recovery wishes for David.

  12. marmeladegypsy Says:

    You DID have a crazy Thursday! I hope your kitchen alarm issues are settled for good and the computer, too!

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