Another day with gigi-hawaii

My new desk top computer monitor is supposed to be delivered this evening, and I am looking forward to posting interesting photos on my blog shortly thereafter. I find that typing on a desk top is faster and easier for me than typing on a laptop. I don’t know how some people can do everything on something as small as a cell phone.

David has a blood pressure machine, which he uses daily. His BP still tends to be low, with the bottom number in the 50s. I wonder if he should call his internist regarding his BP medication. Should he continue taking it? If his BP keeps sinking, he will die.

He uses a walker to move around the house. And he managed to get into my sub-compact car yesterday, though with great difficulty. He had to stretch his torso across the width of the car and then pull each foot in one by one. It was so ludicrous, watching his contortions.

Poor guy. I feel sorry for my husband.

His wound still bleeds. But his physical therapist told him to let it breathe now and then by removing the bandage and letting the wound air dry. Bacteria love a moist environment, so keeping the skin dry is paramount in order to prevent infection.

I had fun with the physical therapist yesterday. He mentioned that his colleague had graduated from USC, the University of Spoiled Children, whereas he had graduated from the University of Puget Sound. I replied, “Well, then, you graduated from the University of Parties and Sex.”

And so it goes. Another day with gigi-hawaii.

10 Responses to “Another day with gigi-hawaii”

  1. Jan Says:

    It’s good that even if it is tough, David can get his physical therapy. I still don’t quite understand why you cannot drove his car. Perhaps it is. Manual transmission that you cannot drive? Just wondering.

    • gigihawaii Says:

      After driving a small car since 2002, I would have such a hard time driving his mid-size car. It would be like driving a long bus. I can see myself misjudging the distance between my tail end and the other driver’s headlights. Can you see me clipping the other car while passing into the next lane? David would be furious if I got into an accident.

  2. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    So hard to go through this with a spouse. David finally signed up for the required seminar he must attend before surgery. He fiddled around and now he must attend the class tomorrow..short notice. Everything is beginning to move.

  3. Linda Starr Says:

    Gary’s father was taking BP medication and had the same thing, he would almost faint if he got up. the doctor had me wean him off the medication by cutting in half, the next time i went back he said he BP was fine and I could cut it in half again, I said I already weaned him off it completely. He never did need any BP meds after that He was 89 and until 94 when he passed away he never needed any medications of any kind. Of course when we asked several doctors about his fainting spells they could never figure it out, come to find out his BP was way too low. Sometimes I think doctors just give meds for no reason.

  4. dkzody Says:

    That bleeding part is a bit disconcerting. Have you told the surgeon the wound is still bleeding? Does David take blood thinners? Sounds like the contortions to get into the car may not be good for the knee, either. Can you get a car service to take him to therapy?

  5. Joanne Noragon Says:

    I vote for seeing a doctor. My BP meds finally had to go when my blood pressure was often in the 70/50 range and I was too light headed to function.

  6. Kailani Says:

    Do you have a pill cutter? I weaned myself down on my bp meds, but very slowly, and I’d wait a good week before cutting them down further, monitoring several times a day to see what the change does to his bp. lower # in the 60’s is fine, but yes 50’s is, I think (no MD) too low.

  7. Christine Says:

    Gigi you both have to be vigilant at this time for complications, definitely check on the BP meds.

  8. Olga Says:

    Poor David. I am wishing him a speedy recovery. Sometimes senior centers have volunteers who will transport people to doctor and therapy appointments–worth looking into if it will save the contortion act.

  9. marmeladegypsy Says:

    Yes, that BP is low. If it is staying that low now, please have it checked out. The worst the can happen is that they say, nope, it’s fine and you’ll both be relieved.

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