Let it go, let it all go!


A happy family scene in May 2008.  My sister-in-law Pat hosted a dinner party at Assaggio’s in Ala Moana Center.  We were there to honor all of the mothers in the Chung clan.  The place was packed for a week night.  Pat reserved the back room for our party of 12 people.

As you know, we are reclaiming our master bedroom and bathroom when our tenant moves out at the end of the month. David and our handyman were going to move bedroom furniture so that David would be sleeping in the master bedroom and I would be sleeping in Maria’s room.

Alas, his physical therapist nixed the idea, because he said David’s artificial knee needs to grow into the bone. This process will take around four months (end of November). So, David is not allowed to move furniture at all. I plan to ask our handyman if he has a friend who can help him.

The good news is that David’s blood pressure is improving. The bottom number is now in the low 70s. He is definitely not going to die because of low blood pressure!

We continue to enjoy life. For a change of pace, I baked 12 blueberry muffins yesterday, and they were all gobbled up by the end of the day. For foolproof muffins, do use Betty Crocker boxed mixes. I have a box of chocolate chip muffin mix that I plan to bake also.

I often wonder why people can’t let go of the anger and hatred they harbor in their hearts. Let it go, let it all go.

Why can’t the Islamic militants put down their weapons and go home to be with their wife and kids? Why can’t they have a nice dinner with their family, take a bath, and sleep in their comfortable bed with a smile on their face?

Think happy thoughts, and you will feel happy.

So simple!

14 Responses to “Let it go, let it all go!”

  1. ohmygoodnesssakes! Says:

    Those people you refer to cannot put down anything, guns, war, etc..I have tried diligently to release the hatred and anger of the biological family from whence I came, it has helped me in my marriage, I married an angel who is kind loving and caring of me and our only child. He doesn’t hate or want to hate anyone, he came from a pretty dysfunctional family who tried their best I guess, they adored him of course he was the oldest and the rest well let’s just say I don’t see them at all nor does he, but he is kind and loving and caring when he does..Why can’t people realize hates them more than the person and or persons they hate, release it to the wind I say, let kind and loving and peaceful thoughts and actions flow into one’s life, I do believe in Karma and if one really believes in a higher spirit one doesn’t have any room in one’s soul for hatred whatsoever, and who wants the Karma of Hate, not I said the spy as the term is used…I get a big kick out of your blogs, your pictures always are loving and kind and full of you and your family in wonderful meals and times, how peaceful and kind is that? it is a lot, have a most wonderful weekend, good that your hubs blood pressure is not low and he is recovering, take good care of yourself and aloha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Linda Starr Says:

    I have a hard time letting things go; you are lucky to have your loving family around you, I wish I had the same (other than Gary), but have to let most of that go when I can, best for David to take it easy so the knee heals slowly.

  3. Jan Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that David is under the care of a doctor who knows what he does and doesn’t need to do for the next few months. Let’s hope your mover can find someone else to help. It must be hard for David to feel so limited! 🙂

  4. Joanne Noragon Says:

    My sixteen year old granddaughter informed her thirteen year old sister: it’s your choice to be happy when you wake up. It’s your choice to be grumpy. People judge you by the choices you make.

  5. Linda Reeder Says:

    I’m glad David is doing well and getting around. Physical therapy is so important.
    Now, as to eating a dozen muffins in one day – that is NOT a good thing. David is limited in his ability to exercise, and you don’t exercise at all. This is no time to indulge in empty, preservative laden box mix muffins. Come on Gigi, you know better.

  6. Leisha Says:

    I agree Gigi it would be great if everyone could let go of hate . Hope David has a speedy recovery. It was lovely to see your Mother in the photo. Hope you don’t get too exhausted caring for David ,

  7. Christine Says:

    Not surprised that David can’t move furniture for awhile.

  8. Kailani Says:

    Glad you guys didn’t try to get him to move anything.

  9. SchmidleysScribblins Says:

    Let go and let God they say in AA and Al-anon. It works. Life is too short to dwell on the past, especially if the past is a myth. In a he case of the Islamic militants they are angry over something that never happened. Nothing we can do about that.

  10. Denise Alexandra Says:

    I expect your handyman will have a friend to help move your furniture. I am glad to hear David is listening to his doctor. He doesn’t want to undo everything with that precious knee surgery and I continue to wish him speedy healing. I enjoyed your family photo. Letting go of things is hard but a person should not stay angry. Staying angry is like drinking your own cup of poison.

  11. Sue Seibert Says:

    What a wonderful family dinner!

  12. marmeladegypsy Says:

    Those muffins sound good! I think it’s time for breakfast here! smart to reclaim the space and even smarter that you have a husband to pays attention to the doc. And as others have said, there’s much to be said for letting go.

    Thanks for visiting the Gypsy! I have loved your comments!

  13. Grannymar Says:

    Hope David’s recovery is smooth and steady.

  14. dkzody Says:

    Glad to know David is listening to his therapist. I’m sure your daughter would tell him the same thing. Let the body heal before doing too much. A friend who had both hips replaced got antsy and started doing too much before she should and she cracked her hip. Another 6 weeks of convalescence. You certainly don’t want that.

    Although your muffins sound good, probably best to put half the batch in the freezer for another time.

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